Which Flash Drives work??

Our team has been having trouble updating the firmware in our DS. Tried many suggestions and none work. I remember reading a post about which flash drives are proven to work. For the life on me I can’t find that post. Searched for 2 days. :eek:

Can anyone help us find a drive that is proven to work.

I don’t have a quote from the manuals, but I believe any flash drive that conforms to the USB Mass Storage Device spec will work (which is almost all of them). One thing to check is to make sure that the drive is formatted with the FAT filesystem. Microsoft’s NTFS or Apple’s HFS may not work with the Linux OS that the DS uses.

Also, make sure you’re following the directions and placing the file named DSUD_PKG.BIN into the root directory of the drive (i.e. not in a folder).

If these suggestions don’t work, maybe try listing what you’ve tried so far so we can give better suggestions.


I can verify that two Memorex Traveldrives (a 512 MB and a 1 GB) worked for us.

Again, FAT format, and make sure the file is named correctly. The download will come with a different name; you will have to decompress it and rename it for the DS to recognize it.

We successfully used a SanDisk. 512 meg. I do not know if he had removed the autoboot software from it.

I have a SanDisk also. Do you think there would be a problem if the U3 software is not removed?

Basically, in order to autoload their stuff, u3 makes the disk look like a usb and a cd. That would possibly prevent it from working - as far as the ds can see, you stuck in both a cd and usb. It might only look on the ‘cd’ drive, where their autorun exes are. The u3 stuff is probably messing it up.

btw I used a dataTraveler (Kingston?).


We used a cruzer micro from sandisk 4gb with no problem. I was planning to use my patriot xporter 4gb but I fried it a week ago. I did uninstall the U3 stuff from the cruzer micro.