Which is better; Star wars or star trek

let the nerd war begin!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

  • Star wars
  • Both
  • Star trek

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Anyone who says starwars is better just hasn’t seen any star trek episodes

I have watched all of original series, all of next generation, all of deep space nine, most of enterprise, a little bit of voyager, and all of the new and old movies. I do love star trek, especially the original series deep space nine, and all the movies. However, I also love anything and everything about star wars as well. This is why I had to choose both. I find that the disagreement between star wars and star trek should not exist because they are both great universes that are greatly different in style and mood.

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^^ this

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Stargate is the one true answer.


Love em both, but I prefer Trek.

Not a fan of DS9 tho tbh lol

Both had great installations (ANH, Empire, Khan, Voyage Home), both had real clunkers (Phantom, TMP, Clones, ST5), and both had numerous entertaining films (Jedi, ST3). Entirely depends on what films your comparing as to which is better.

In the end, they are pretty comparable. Star Trek has better science. But Star Wars has better music. So ehhh… push.


Which one is your favorite?

The one that anticipated Alon by three decades.

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@Richard_Wallace Voyage Home was a good Movie