Which is the best FRC game? Round 2 of Voting is now up for the Friends with Robots Kickoff Special!

Which is the best FRC game? Help us decide during the Friends with Robots Kickoff Special! We have put all past FRC games in a head to head bracket competition to help determine which one is best. We’ve already had an exciting round 1 of voting, now it’s time to vote in the second and final round of Preshow Voting. Vote for your favorite games, the one with the most votes in each matchup will move on to the next round! Then join us on Saturday, January 2nd at 7 pm EST for the quarterfinals through finals matches to see which game comes out on top as a part of the first ever Friends with Robots kickoff special, full of comedic skits, FIRST Trivia, special guests from across the FIRST community, and more!

Round 2 Matches:

Infinite Recharge vs. FIRST Frenzy: Raising the Bar

Maize Craze vs Ultimate Ascent

Aim High vs Recycle Rush

Aerial Assist vs Logo Motion

Destination: Deep Space vs Rack n’ Roll

Rebound Rumble vs. FIRST Stronghold

FIRST Power Up vs. Lunacy

FIRST Steamworks vs Breakaway

Round 2 voting ends Saturday, January 2nd at 11:59 AM EST, so get your votes in soon!

See the current bracket including round 1 results at: Site verification

Vote in Round 2 at: https://tinyurl.com/FWR2021-b2

Watch Friends with Robots Live on twitch at: https://twitch.tv/firstinrobotics

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Round 2 results are in. Check out the awesome games going into Quaterfinals, then join us tonight at 7 pm EST to help us determine the winner as part of the Friends with Robots Kickoff Special at https://twitch.tv/firstinrobotics!

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Okay folks, stick to the plan


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