Which LabVIEW is good for progrmming?

Hello, I’m one of the programmers for RoboTigers7892, we’re a 2019 recruit team. I have a simple question about which version of LabVIEW would be great. The two options are “Install Everything for LabVIEW Development” or “Install Only NI Vision Software”. Just wanting to know which one is correct to start programming our Control System.

Don’t thin this is the correct place to ask this, but it’s important. Sorry if this isn’t the correct location!

I’m assuming your goal is to program the robot in LabVIEW, in which case you want everything.

The vision only option is intended for teams who want to program in C++ or Java, but would still like to use NI’s vision software for target tracking - which I imagine is a very, very small subset of teams by this point.