Which NE District Events Do you want to attend?

Knowing that the first regional and districts event sign up is in a few days, I was wondering where some of the NE FIRST teams are planning to attend. our team is looking at WPI and the Granite state!

1st district : Groton
2nd district : Southington
Possible 3rd : Hartford

Basically the 3 CT competitions

We also REALLY want to make it to district championships because team 1099 has been competing at the Boston Regional in the agganis areana for years as the only cosistent CT team (every year except its first year). We want another chance to compete there just like always

We are looking at any of the districts in CT most likely going to Hartford because of the closeness. Maybe WPI if we get the funds to go again.

You guys better qualify so I have someone to dance with! :stuck_out_tongue:

1058 has talked about five events in this general order: Northeastern, Nashua South, WPI (this probably won’t happen due to a school band trip), UNH, Lewiston.

3467 hasn’t made any final decisions but we are looking at Nashua, UNH, WPI, Northeastern, and Lewiston. Our final attendance depends on where we register first and what is available.

Looking at the events list, every district has an initial capacity of 30 teams. I heard somewhere that NEF is reserving 10 spots for rookies at every event. Does that mean every event is going to have a capacity of 40 teams, or am I just missing something/misinformed?

Team 1922 (Oz-Ram) is looking to compete at Nashua-South and Northeastern. Are backup will be WPI.

Yes what I have concluded is that there will be 40 team at an event

WPI as a back up night be tough I have a feeling WPI will be filled very quickly

There are 40 slots per event, with 30 to start and a 10 team wait list.

On registration day, I can not stress this enough: pick the events you want to go to, not what is available. There’s a 10 team wait list and the Ops group is committed to get everyone where they want to go - but we won’t know you want an event if you sign up elsewhere.

Maybe the more important question is where will you be emceeing this year?

Except decisions like registration aren’t up to me anymore (still suffering withdrawal…), so I’ll just have to plan a visit home the mysteriously coincides with 1124’s competitions

Or you know, volunteer. #justsayin :slight_smile:

It’s actually in the plan. The only problem being that I go to college in Washington DC, so I need to know travel dates. But I really do want to come back and help out, it’ll just take some planning. Don’t worry Jess, I haven’t forgotten about y’all

Just want to point out that the Groton event (Week 3) is in view of DK’s other home on North Dumpling Island. We’re hoping to make a tie-in, maybe a tour? At least a visit.

Free submarine rides! C’mon Electric Boat :smiley:

I’d have to quit my job to do all the events I’d liketo do, but we’ll see…

And to second Jess, we need all these bright young FIRST alum to come back and volunteer this year!

You have me confused. You indicate Groton as a week 3 event, but all the schedules I have seen it is a week 2 event (Mar 8-9). Do you know something we don’t know?

You’re right, it’s week 2; I got confused because it’s the 3rd NE event. “Connecticut Shoreline District” is March 8 & 9 (Sat & Sun), week 2.

The Sub Base said “SURE! No Probs!” to the submarine rides, by the way. Great idea! Their going to have a Nuc tied up down the hill at the West Mystic Marina. :wink:

We’re hoping for UNH, Lewiston, and one other (undecided).