Which newer Axis camera models work with Wpilib?

Our software team determined last year that IP cameras would be easier to use and have higher performance than USB cameras. I’m setting out to buy one, but all of the models listed in the WPILIB docs are discontinued. I can find the older models online, but it would be cheaper if I could get something stocked in Canada.

Does anyone know if newer AXIS camera’s in the M10 line work with the 2016 control system? Specifically the M1004, M1014 or M1025? How about other IP cameras?

The M1013 seems fine to me. It doesn’t say discontinued like it does for the M1011.
But on a side note, taking a look at the source code for SmartDashboard, it seems like cameras with the url ending of “/mjpg/video.mjpg” work. That being said, according to this site, it seems like the M1054 is compatible out of the M10 line. But that site is a third party site, so I’d take it with a grain of salt.