Which one? (Be helpful if you had pros and cons with your answer)

So we have to ideas for herding and we’re having a lot of trouble deciding the first one is: two arms are going to come down (cause in the beginning they stand up right in the front of the robot) and are diagonal facing out on the right side is a little extra piece facing in slightly so that when it goes around the ball it holds it in so it doesn’t leave. The ball is still able to role but in a confined area. The other idea is: something that we attach to the bumper’s corners like long plastic materials so that when the ball hits it will hit it more on the “equator” the at the bottom where a regular robot will hit the ball.

Thank you to anyone who answers this it will really be helpful:D
And sorry if you don’t get it or it’s to long -.-’

I don’t quite understand if you can only do one or the other, because I cannot visualize your description of the second concept.

But for the first one, this sounds feasible to use for herding. Just a couple of considerations: Make sure that the “arms” are strong enough to take a ball dropping / bouncing on them from the hurdle height. Make sure you plan on a way to ensure that you can release the ball as you cross your finish line or you won’t get the points for herding the ball. And make sure you keep the the robot with its arms extended within the 80" imaginary cylinder.

Good luck!

I would go with the one near the equator of the ball. You will be less likely to lose it if someone hits the ball.
Also make it robust :ahh:

You can’t attach anything to the bumpers. That would make them non-standard.