Which OS?

Go to your local Best Buy and you will find in the software section that they probably have a few copies left of win xp both fresh install and upgrade. That’s where I got it for bootcamp.

One of my sons really wants to use only Linux, but he ends up using Windows for some stuff. Inventor is happier running on Windows, and our networked laser printer (at home) was quite a challenge for him, it took him over a year to be able to get the driver and get it working.

It seems to take some real dedication to use only Linux, I applaud those who are able to do it!

Just my 2 cents quick.

I use XP Pro on my Desktop, Vista on my Laptop, OS X at the office, and Red Hat for some classes.

My personal favorite has to be XP, I like the simple design and the freedom it gives. Vista has (imo) far too many restrictions, which can always be bypassed, but can be a hassle. While it is true that if you have lots of RAM, Vista handles it nicely, most things don’t require that much. XP just feels a lot more user friendly, especially if you have a reasonable amount of experience with computers.

Perhaps you could post specs on what hardware you’re putting into the machine, and what you intend to use it for?

I think the biggest problem for me was software availability. If I looked further into it I could probably find ways to do all the same stuff I do on Windows. The specs are:

500 GB Hard Drive (Windows)
80 GB Hard Drive (Ubuntu)
Intel 9770 Quad Core

If there are any other specs you want I can give them to you.

Why not buy a larger drive, and just partition space for Ubuntu?

7077 build of win7.

its got 4 7’s in the name, how can it run badly?

or win7 RC1
although id have a unix distro of some sort on it as well.

The official stance of MS has always been that they do not support upgrading from a beta version to the RTM release, or even from one beta to the next. Basically, they are concerned with fragments of previous versions being left behind that cause problems with the overall performance of the system. However, I was able to find this link that describes a workaround to get the Win7 installer to allow a beta to RC or RTM upgrade to take place.

Use Ubuntu only for a while. Wait until Microsoft announces a deal where if you buy Windows Vista you’ll get a free upgrade to Windows 7 (probably for a few months before Win7 is released). Upgrade to Windows 7.

Once you use Windows 7, you will never want (or have a need) to use XP again.

I tried the 7 Beta, and it made me appreciate XP even more…

I guess OS selection is a very subjective thing!

What, no CP/M?

I used to have a sealed new copy of CP/M, maybe I still do, somewhere in the basement…and I have several different flavors that work in my different Kaypro computers (1, 2, 4, 10)