Which regional are YOU looking forward to?

I’m really looking forward to Week 4 and the Waterloo Regional.

Its a shallow field of only 26 teams, and only 3 team numbers < 1000. All of the attending teams are Canadian. No visits from our friends south of the border. This is interesting at least as 2009 marks the first year that TruckTown (68) will not be attending.

296 (Northern Knights, out of Montreal, QC) will be the oldest team in attendance, maybe they can pull a few tricks and improve on their less than stellar performance from NJ.

The two biggest threats (i believe), by Billfred’s BBQ or SAUCE measures from last season would be 2056, or 1565.

Hopefully 1075 can make something happen. Should be very interesting to see how it plays out, being that most of the big Ontario powerhouse names are missing, as well as many of Ontario’s older teams. (1114, 1503, 1680, 188, 772, 771, and probably more I can’t think of.)

It’s my home regional. It’s alive with spirit and it’s just a plain old good time and only five minutes from my own bed.

I’m excited about Hawaii. Only 3 teams with # less than 2000, I think we stand a much better chance there than at Wisconsin. Plus, I can’t wait to ask people where the bubbler is :smiley:

If I’m not mistaken, 2056 has yet to show us anything, but I may have missed it.

I am personally Looking Forward

to Connecticut - my first venture into New England - with all the amazingly competitive robots in attendance and (seemingly :D) nice people who reside there.

I wouldn’t excatly call it a regional, but the top 64 teams in the state all competeing in the First ever Michigan State Championship. Seems to me like alot of fun. Yes the stealler Canadian, Ohio and Indiana teams will not be around, but I do believe this will showcase, the great teams in Michigan and some of the Rookie teams getting a chance to play with the best of the state.

you got that right! :wink:

Unless we can find lodging and transportation to the Troy district event in a couple of weeks, the only competition we can really look forward to is Atlanta in April.

but we are happily looking forward to Atlanta.

I’m looking forward to the Chesapeake regional in week 4. By far the most fun event I’ve ever attended, and we always do well.

I think BMR is going to be a great regional because their are already 4 regional winners attending (45, 111, 234, 1747). And 3 Regional finalists (135, 868, 1018). And only 35 teams attending! That means 1 of every 5 teams made it to the finals!!! And there’s only been one week of regionals!!!

IT’s going to be CRAZY!!!

And it’s only a 5 minute walk from my dorm, too! :stuck_out_tongue:

Boston! The planning committee always has a few tricks up their sleeve to make the event quite the spectacle. Plus Blue Man Group. I’m excited to see what’s planned for this year.

Other than that, I’m pumped for any other regional I decide to drop by. Connecticut and LI are looking good right now, though they’re in the same weekend.

You’re right, to the best of my knowledge Travis, 2056 hasnt shown the community anything yet, however, if the last 2 years are any indication of their excellence (4 regionals attended, and 4 regional championship titles), they should be well poised to be the ones to beat.

EDIT: and an IRI title to boot.

Plus, three teams are going to San Diego and Wisconsin. That number may increase from 7 to 10.

I thought last year’s racing game was Indiana’s big chance to shine, but when it comes down to it, I guess we’re just over the moon. Also, can destiny escape teams called THRUST and POWERstorm?

When the Lunacy game is held only footsteps from the Neil Armstrong Hall of Engineering, Grissom Hall, and Earhart Residence Hall, you know you’re in for something special. There aren’t many places where you can literally walk in N.A.'s footsteps.

The next one.

Connecticut Regional. So many historic and great teams along with cameos from 48 and 1902. Alliance pairing and elimination rounds should be very exciting.

And we’re all excited that you’ll be with us!

I’m looking forward to volunteering in Boston this weekend and, of course, THE CONNECTICUT REGIONAL!


Two weeks to go; lots of lessons learned at DC Regional; great teams from 9 states, DC and the UK; about 90% of the volunteers in place, including Blair as MC, and Andy on the mike; and spring around the corner (fingers crossed).

Yes, I am looking forward to the Chesapeake.


There’s a lot of teams who are prepared to do big things after their week one performances - 365, 11, 816, 1923, 103


We get to compete in two regionals this year! … and it’s a chance to recover from our not-so-stellar performance at Buckeye. Hopefully, we won’t brick a cRIO, a DS, and a Jag at Pittsburgh.

I am Looking Forward

to the St. Louis Regional, where my own 931 Perpetual Chaos will be competing, along with both of their 2009 Greater Kansas City Regional winning alliance partners 1806 and 1208. :slight_smile:

And I’m Looking Forward to seeing a couple of teams you may have heard about from Mountain Home AR and Hammond IN – both of them made some noise at Midwest, where I spent a couple of days last weekend. In the past those teams have done quite well at St. Louis, and at several other events since 1996. Their two-digit team numbers are well known, and for the right reasons.

And I’m Looking Forward to seeing local St. Louis teams 1094, 1098, 1178, 1182, 1288, 1329, 1444, 1609, 1658, and 1706 – plus the three Hazelwood teams 2408, 2014, and the always-competitive 2006-StL-Rookie-All-Star and 2009-Greater-KC-silver-medalist RoboHawks 1985. :cool:

And I’m Looking Forward to seeing several local rookie teams: 2838, 2893, 2902, 2978, and 3113. And visiting teams from Iowa, Kansas, Illinois, Tennessee, and Kentucky.

And I’m especially Looking Forward to seeing the Ice Princesses 2725 from Chicago. :smiley:

Please stop and say hello when you see me in St. Louis. I’ll be wearing an FTA vest, and GREEN HAIR.