Which regional are you watching?

Title says it all, which event is your top choice to watch this week?
(All regionals grabbed from TBA)

I’ll be at Southfield on saturday, it’s looking historically good, even for a week 1.

Granite State all the way. Team 95’s robot is very similar to ours. I plan to watch every one of their matches to determine which of their strategies are the most successful.

Why is there no, Select All option? :smiley:

You might want to change this to a multiple choice poll, since it’s more than possible to watch multiple events.

I thought about it, I would rather see people’s favorite instead of all of the ones that they are watching. If people comment that they want me to change it then I will.

Definitely Granite State … being a displaced New Hampshire mentor

Well, I’m competing at Hatboro-Horsham, so that. :stuck_out_tongue:

Granite State for the action!

Although I’ll tune in for a little bit for Central Illinois. That venue seems pretty cool, and I’m interested in seeing some footage just of the venue in action.

The venue is QUITE cool; around 50 degrees when we loaded in tonight. Also an interesting setup; an astroturf floor with 1,600 sheets of chipboard (a double layer) with 9,000 screws holding them together.

And btw, that’s the regional I’ll be watching. :smiley:

That’s incredibly awesome! It’s just so different from the traditional venue and that fascinates me. Also it’s interesting to see how the organizers worked with the differences of the venue in making the event happen.

I’m hoping to see a lot of pictures from that event! :smiley: