Which Serial Port?

I’m sorry to be asking a dumb question, I hate doing that on forums. I’ve been trying to look around for the answer and I’m really tired. I’m trying to integrate the serial ports, eeprom, and camera code into the default code. With that said, I start reading my little readme’s and I get to this:

  1. Init_Serial_Port_One() and/or Init_Serial_Port_Two()
    must be called from the User_Initialization() function
    located in the user_routines.c source file.

So how do I tell which port I’m using? Which is which? The readme’s are giving me a headache. I don’t know what exactly I need to do with the serial port code just for the sole purpose of making the camera code work.

If someone wouldn’t mind giving me an AIM or something I’d love to just sit down with someone experienced and get some better understanding. I know my C++ pretty well, I guess it’s just the application for robotics that I need some work on.

Thank you all!

Call both, if I recall.

Serial Port One I believe is the RS-232 Program Port, while Two is the TTL serial port on the side (four pin header) used mostly for the camera. For communication with a computer the first is the simplest. Of course I could have them reversed but now you know what to look for, so hopefully this helped.

I am not a programmer on the level of Kevin W., but I have read through his code I believe I have a decent grasp on what he is doing.
To make things easier when trying to integrate these pieces together, try just unzipping Kevin’s “Bells and Whistles” version and build off of that. It contains his Serial port driver to access the ports and is commented quite well. Make sure to read the .h files as well. It also contains the eeprom support, but I don’t think it is the full blown eeprom stuff in his separate file set.
The question about which port is which is clearly documented in his files, I believe the .h files explain it the best.

Once you get the basic part working, just un-comment the sections you need. Make note, once you start un-commenting, watch out for the PWM01 and PWM02 mapping. Kevin uses them for the camera servos, the default code wants to use them for joysticks. I suggest you use them for the camera, but modifying the code is easy.

Good Luck
We’ll see you at Davis/Sacramento Regional

Serial port 1 is the Program port on the RC
Serial port 2 is the TTL port on the RC