Which size bolts to use with electronics?

For various electrical components such as the victors, PDB, cRIO, window motors, etc, what size bolts do you use? I seem to remember 10-32 as the size most of the electronics use (and 1/4-20 seems to work for the rest), but I’d like to just make sure that I’m ordering the correct components right now.

Could you please tell me what size hardware you use to mount your electronics to the various boards on your robot? (Alternatively, if you don’t use bolts, any guidance towards alternative mounting methods would be great).


Talons-up to 6-32

Victor-#4 or #6 screws

Jaguar-0.175" diameter holes

PDB-0.257" diameter holes

Sidecar-0.173" diameter holes

However a combination of zip ties and velcro are my preferred method of electronics mounting.

Thank you so much!

Not a problem. For future reference I used this page, this page, and the VEXPro website for the information. I didn’t cover quite everything, but those links should cover everything else you need. Or you could just measure the holes.

Gotcha, thanks. I would’ve measured the holes, but I’m ordering right now and don’t have access to any parts, unfortunately. thanks again.

I just go to the hardware store to get that stuff. The lengths are fun to figure out too…and depend on what you’re mounting it to.

Don’t under estimate zip ties. You can use them to securely hold down all electronics except the cRIO.