which Solenoid valves are legal?

So my team is using 2 Cylinders for the arm, and this is the first year we do this so we dont know much about this. it seems that we only have 1 five-way Solenoid valve from last year and we didnt get one this yr.

I called Festo to see if they had anyother in stock but it seems they wont till 3/11/10

BUT they suggested part 196925 https://www.festo.com/pnf/en-us_us/products/catalog?action=partlist&key=196925

can we use this??

Thank you
Team 3017

Hi zoisite117,

You should contact your Festo rep and ask if they can provide the Cv. My rep said that the liters/minute flow rate in this size valve will approximately correlate to the Cv, if you multiply liters/minute * 0.001. In this case 350 l/m would approximate a Cv of 0.35.
Also, the max port size is limited to 1/8" npt- this valve port is M7 (> 1/4").
But it should be available in a 1/8" version.

Good luck.

Im rather confused about this with flow rates

Do you know a solenoid that would be legal and similar the one provided in KOP

sorry for the trouble.

Thank you again

Cv to LPM is not a direct conversion. Get the real number from the manufacturer for that specific valve. You will not be able to compete with an “approximate” Cv.


Your valves MUST meet the above requirements (and all other pneumatic requirements in the rulebook).

You’ll need a spec sheet on any valve that was not in the KoP to prove that it complies with the above rule.

As festo doesn’t rate there valves in Cv it is hard to bring documentation we will be bringing a copy of this for inspection


<R33> COTS items from ROBOTS entered in previous FIRST competitions or COTS items that are no longer commercially available may be used under the following conditions:
A. The item must be functionally equivalent to the original condition as delivered from the VENDOR (e.g. a part that has non-functional label markings added would be permitted, but a part that has device-specific mounting holes added would be prohibited), and
B. The item must satisfy ALL applicable 2010 FRC materials/parts use rules.

You’ll have to prove functional equivelancy. Without documentation, that may be difficult.

How so? The part number approved in that Q&A and is available new from festo we bought 6 new ones for this years bot.

The OP was asking about a different part number. The post you pointed to was a specific part used in years past.