Which Solidworks background is best?

Trying to make a tier list for Solidworks backgrounds because a friend of mine inspired me to. Not all backgrounds are created equal.

Which Solidworks background do you prefer?

  • 3 Point Faded (Default)
  • Backdrop - Grey with Overhead Light
  • Rooftop
  • Courtyard Background
  • Urban 5 Background
  • Plain White
  • Soft Spotlight
  • 3 Point Blue
  • Warm Kitchen
  • Other

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All other answers besides plain white is wrong.

EDIT: Unless you’re 148, which I expect uses pitch black, which makes their designs that much more impressive.



@ 3 point faded people:

Do you enjoy your screenshots clashing against whatever document/chat/etc. they’re being pasted into?


plain white allows quick and easy CPC (copy, paste and crop) into presentations and make a seamless transparent background.


Frankly, I think it adds to the ambience.


@thaddeusmaximus @Tyson there’s something to be said about copy / pasting screenshots into presentations (anyone not doing plain white for a white background is crazy), but modeling in something other than plain white is a different thing (unless you use 3 point faded, in which case https://miro.medium.com/max/440/1*xXdSbB_8FV1XJtceK94PqA.gif

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Going by recent posts here today, the answer is of course lul use Onshape.


If you dont use a custom dark grey background your not a true solidworks user

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3 Point Faded creates the best lighting on the model, but the copy & paste-ability of Plain White makes it the winner.


I think everyone is skimping on the warm kitchen background. Let me lay it out for you:

At first it’s pretty jarring - I’m not gonna lie. After a while of use, though, it becomes the only thing you can model on. Hear me out:

  1. The warm colors make it so that the screen does not strain your eyes at night or in a dark room. Nonstop modeling all day, all night. No need for extra programs like fl.ux that discolor your screen and model. Easy looking all day long.
  2. The warm spectrum of the background colors brings out the detail in the parts you’re modeling as long as those parts aren’t warm colors themselves (which for most people they aren’t). It’s very easy to see where your part has cutouts in it because the contrast between the background and the inside of the part is clear. Try differentiating between a light grey aluminum part with shadows and an off-white or sometimes even white background. Much harder to do.
  3. The background flows smoothly and doesn’t have any abrupt edges. Miss me with that 3 point faded stuff, I’m not about that. Random cuts into different colors? I don’t need 3 points. Warm Kitchen is a smooth transition into a golden solar spectrum of some of the most visually appealing colors known to humankind. There’s a reason the best photographs are taken during golden hour, and not 3 point faded hour, or plain white hour. Your model could be looking beautiful forever in an infinite golden hour, and you’ll be all the better for it.

“But what about screenshots, Andrew?”
If you wanna grab a screenshot and paste it onto a document to make it look clean, just change the background to plain white for the screenshot - it’s not that hard. Then once you’ve taken that screenshot, change your background back to warm kitchen, and open your eyes again now that it’s safe to do so.

Don’t deprive yourself of the modeling career you’re destined to have just because you’re accustomed to a boring, ugly background. Warm Kitchen is beautiful, and so are you.



if you ever have to print, you feel really stupid waiting for the background to print. And it looks dumb in copy-paste as others have said.


3 point faded for modeling, the switch over to plain white for the screenshots. :sunglasses:


OK but my CAD isn’t beautiful, because…

… my CAD looks like the VW harlequin.

Imagine that, but without all the gloss and shadows. Flat colors. It’s amazing, I can actually see where one part ends and the other begins.

Andrew, you’re going to tell me you model with the shadows and realview graphics on, aren’t you? I had an intern like you…


There’s a difference between inefficient and elegant. Realview graphics are for people whose models don’t look good enough on their own and they need a way to compensate. Warm Kitchen is not just form, but function.


reflective floor black


I don’t particularly have much of an opinion on Solidworks backgrounds, but I think it goes without saying that a Visualize background makes all the difference.




You may not like it, but this is the ideal SolidWorks background. The power of the collaborative cloud dwarfs your part in its unmatched glory. The sheer radiance of featurescripts will make your monitor visible from outer space. It really is the google docs of SolidWorks backgrounds.


Onshape guerilla marketing team working hard today