Which Star Wars movie is the BEST

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i personally believe that Starwars Episode 3 is the best of the Sage because it shows the transformation from Anakin to Darth Vader.

That movie had some of the most abysmal acting I have ever seen.

You’d think with the massive budget they could have at least hired good actors :mad:

I voted for 4 just because it was the first and most original, but I liked all three of the original trilogy.

i see what you are talking about, but i still would not go for Episode 4

Five easily.

Good acting, incredible story line, huge, huge, huge plot twist and major character developments. Good effects and battles scenes to boot.

It doesn’t matter which one is better all that matter is Han Shot First

Mee-sa sorry you-sa no likey Episode I…:rolleyes:

I voted for VI. A lot of people dislike this episode relative to IV and V (mainly due to the Ewoks). But the space battles were grander. The special effects were awesome. The rancor was awesome. Emperor Palpatine was awesome. And the extended redemption and reconciliation scenes at the end between Luke and Vader were far better than any of the “NOOOOOOOOOO!!! THAT’S IMPOSSSIBLE!” whining from Episode V.

I will refrain from including any specific references to Carrie Fisher’s wardrobe in this assessment. :stuck_out_tongue:

i guess that nobody likes episode 1
(i guess its needed to start the whole thing off)

Six. Definitely Six.

How can you beat the awe and wonder we all experienced when we witnessed our first dose of the Star Wars universe?


Not seen all of them, but i like the episode 3.

Spaceballs - Mel Brooks. Gotta love "“Pizza the Hutt” . :smiley:

4 was such a ground breaking movie that it will always stand out as the best to me. I remember when I saw it for the first time at the Eastwood theater in Indianapolis, it blew me away. I saw it 25 more times after that at the Eastwood.

Esp 6 for sure… was totally blown away by the effects… comparing pre Star Wars sci-fi to Star Wars and post sci-fi is like night to day… I was actually sorta let down with the following ones cause I expected that same wow.

I camped out at the theater for a week to see it the first time. Ended up seeing a dozen more times .

-p :cool:

Hoth is by far, the best battle scene in the saga.

the best scene in the saga is Anakin vs. Obi in episode 3 :slight_smile:
from my stand point

i dont watch starwars

My ordering goes like this.


The original 3 were some of the greatest movies of all time in my opinion and it basically went downhill after that. The third one was just plain terrible, apart from Anakin changing into Darth Vader and a couple other decent parts. Episode 1 was almost equally as terrible. 2 was the best of the new trilogy. 5 I just love because of its storyline and revelation of Darth Vader as Lukes father.

After his first Star Wars movie, A New Hope, George Lucas got WAY to into himself. CloneWars is a great example of this. Who actually watched that thing?

The cartoon series or the recent movie? I watched all the series, gonna see the movie. I’m just too cheap and can’t afford it right now. Besides, you have to give lucas credit. He is just giving people what they want. Besides, he put some other guy in charge of that movie.