Which Teams Have Been Able To Score Two Ubertubes In Autonomous

Just was wondering which teams have been able to score two Ubertubes by themselves in autonomous.

Team 40 did it twice at WPI and once at BAE.

Others I know of include 33, 148, and 1114

Does anyone have any video of 1114? We finished our regional today(Florida) so I didnt get a chance to see them compete.

Team 40 actually did it 3, almost 4 times, today at WPI. Crazy stuff.

And here is a video of another team doing it last week.

team 33 the killerbees did it very well, and i forgot the team number but i think its team 2137 T.O.R.Q. also did it a few times

You’re probably thinking of 326, who were (as far as I know) the only other team to perform the feat at Kettering.

yes i remember them doing it as well now, but i know for a fact that team T.O.R.Q did it as well because we were in their alliance for a match. i just had a brainfart and cant remember their team number haha

Does anyone have a video of team 40 doing their double score? From what I’ve heard, they do something different from how Killer Bees and Robowranglers hang their tubes.

Don’t know about video, but I’ve watched it several times, and can confirm that it’s very different and very cool.

For those who haven’t seen team 40’s robot, the basic design is essentially Pink 2k7 with swerve drive. This allows them to pick up from both sides of their robot. They score the first tube as normal, and then back up diagonally, while lowering their arm to pick up from behind. They then pick up the tube directly in line with their partner’s stationary robot, tilt the arm back to forward, and score it. Its a very efficient system.

We have one written, but didn’t get the opportunity to use it in Florida (not enough testing yet - and we were more than busy with other issues). Expect Pink to be running a 2-tube auto mode pretty soon, as well.

At Kettering only 33 and 326 were able to pull it off… 2137 was very constant at getting one tube… The tine it took them to get one tube would have made it extremely hard to get a second tube… But maybe someone from 2137 will see this thread and provide an answer…

Yes. This was correct. I believe they used their camera to detect the yellow of the Ubertube and strafed over to pick it up. It was amazing to see it in the finals. The gym at WPI erupted when it happened. By far one of the coolest things I have ever seen in Autonomous.

I will ask our video department if we have a video of the match. If we do I will post it up on YouTube.

2 Ubertubes Eh? I think I can shoot for 2 also. I mean if half a dozen teams have done it, why can’t I? Only problem I might face is the claw not actually being able to grab the tube from the ground.

Oh so close… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sw6aJXcnTXc

Looks good but remember there is going to be a robot sitting behind that tube.

When I saw Team 40 score two ubertubes this past weekend I was blown away! I can’t believe that some teams are able to do that! Our team is having enough trouble as it is trying to program autonomus with only one student in programming and one mentor!

To all the teams that are able to program a double autonomous; Congratulations! You guys are doing an amazing job! :smiley:

Tube would be sitting next to an alliance robot and touching their bumper (hence the big chunk of fiberglass on the floor to represent the other robot). Have refs not been allowing an initial set up like this?

That’s perfectly legal and very similar to the setup I have seen 33, 148 and 1114 use.

Sorry 842 but I dont think that was scored within the 15 seconds, but close =]