Which Vendors Can We Make Purchases From At Houston?

Would love to know if we will be able to not only pick up, but also purchase supplies from the following vendors at the world championship next week.

The Thrifty Bot,
REV Robotics,
West Coast Products,

If only, I don’t think they sell at champs, or at least I have never seen them sell at champs.

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In the past I have been able to make purchases through the website of AndyMark and REV, and have been able to walk over to their display area and pick up the parts I had ordered.

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CTRE will be doing champs pickup at their booth, but afaik, no purchases then and there.

Unfortunately, I think they all (can’t check WCP because I don’t have an account) closed pickup orders earlier this week. I don’t know if something changed with FIRST that necessitated it, since their “ship to pit” options also seem to have changed to requiring teams to pick up orders from their booths.

CTRE appears to be open.

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I don’t think vendors can sell items during events per the rules? At least that was always my understanding.

I turned worlds orders back on, really the latest I can pack anything is tomorrow y’all so please get them in today if you can :slight_smile: and we’ll be dropping these off to pits on Wednesday.

We’ll have a booth this year in the robot service center and will have limited spare parts available for those who need them.


Maybe my memory is faulty, and what actually did was order ahead of time and pick up there. I am, as they say, old.

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Wouldn’t it be awesome if parts vendors COULD (for a suitable fee) set up shop? Best inside the venue, but easily walking accessible if the venue charges too much would be a definite help to teams.
And not just at championships, though it’s less likely to be worth committing an employee and stock for an event with 24-60 teams than one with over 600 teams.

[Added] There are food trucks, why can’t there be parts trucks?


That would be neat. Spirit Halloween style

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I do have some recollection of being able to buy VexPro parts at their booth at champs, not sure if HQ started disallowing it or if it’s just something that didn’t stick around for whatever reason.

The food trucks are parked on the street, on the side opposite the GRB.

I have done it before at MSC. I am pretty sure they got around it by the fact that you were buying it online and then just “picking it up” at the competition.


The food trucks that park on the streets ans sell things have to get permits from the City of Houston and have to meet relevant regulations.

I get that, and taxes. Is there any reason a parts vendor couldn’t get the permits? Probably too late for 2023, of course.

Is there a rule for how far in advance you have to buy something online to be able to pick it up from a vendor booth? What if you ordered it online from your pit and the walked over to the booth to pick it up? If there is an issue of bringing un-ordered stock in, what if you ordered online from your pit on Wednesday and then the ordered items were brought in for pickup on Thursday? That doesn’t really seem different than ordering on Sunday or maybe even Monday and picking up on Wednesday.

From an FRC rules perspective, late timing doesn’t matter, only early. If you bought it from a VENDOR (defined in rules) as an off the shelf item, it’s considered COTS, and fabrication date doesn’t matter. If you bought it as a custom part, FABRICATED PART rules apply; this means (among other rules) it must be fabricated after January Kickoff. Bottom line: ordering LATE is almost certainly not a problem, assuming you get the part in time.

While you will not be able to buy anything from us, Stratasys and Ultimaker will have around twelve 3D printers to support teams in the Robot Service Center. We’re happy to print anything teams may need free of charge, provided we can comply with R304.


The food trucks are paying an access fee to be there il expect.

I wonder if there’s some venue fee for selling items that would require a significant price increase to cover at the event.