Which Version of Inventor to use?

I would like to know what versions of Inventor teams are using to create CAD Models of their robots?

Last year 291 used Inventor professional 2013. I imagine we will be upgrading to 2014 though here soon

We use 2014.

Advantages: easier to use than previous versions, and Autodesk 360 is well-integrated.

Disadvantage: crashes much more than previous versions.

Team 1787 also uses 2014, we also just got a new 16ish computer lab from the school with 27in iMacs upgraded as much as possible, dualbooted with windows 7 to run it

We are still on 2012 Professional 64-bit. If we upgrade, it would be to 2014.

We designed in 2014 this year but as stated above it crashes a lot.

2014 Professional with crashing as well. Just make sure you hit save frequently!

My team uses PTC Creo, but I use Inventor for my own things. I’ve mostly used 2013, but have started using 2014 recently. 2013 never really crashed for me. 2014 I really haven’t used enough to say how much it crashes.

Personally, I used Inventor Professional 2012 for two years or so, and liked it a whole lot, despite it having some annoying perks. I recently formatted my computer and took the opportunity to move to 2013’s version. I find it marginally easier to use, but it does a lot more of freezing and crashing.

We’ve upgraded most of our personal and team computers to 2014.

Edit: I have 2014 on my personal computer and never had it crash, but haven’t used the team computers long enough to know of those


Penn Robotics uses Inventor 2014. We are on a lease, so we always get the most updated version.