Which wheels will you use for your robot this year?

Which wheels will you use for your robot this year?

Well, our team has these wheels that turn parallel to the ground and make our robot hover, which will be instrumental in getting all three of our robots off the ground in end game.

BTW, back to the Future stole our idea. :rolleyes: :smiley:

I know my team will be using IFI wheels. IFI has created a really high quality product that is just too easy and nice to use. My team tried to make wheels once, and it worked, but you’ll be hard pressed to match the reliability, weight or ease of use of the IFI wheels. Just my 2 cents.

Of course if you need something else such as mechanum or omni wheels then your options are a little bit more varied.

We’ll be using the kit AndyMark wheels, with a few variations in quantity and modifications. (I haven’t forgotten everything from my days on 1293.)

We’re using keyed colsons. Easy to implement and cheap

we are sticking to the wheels in the kit, plus some ball casters or sliders

Not saying what they are exactly, but let’s say the real T3 will have more pushing force than last year!

I can’t wait to see other teams’ creations; those AM wheels should help quite a bit for many of the teams.


hahahaaha hey I remember you guys from the waterloo regional for the tetra challenge! You guys coming to waterloo again this year? You’ll see a better 1565 than last time mark my words!!

We will be using the AM Kit wheels; they are so grippy and light that I can’t see any reason not to.

AN-DY-MARK (repeat)
A half dozen of them.


my team made custom wheels. we used the ifi wheels last year but they weren’t very reliable, they actually bent by our second regional. The kit wheels this year look better than previous years, it should help out some newer teams

Custom wheels. Made of aluminum, and lighter than the AndyMark kit wheels. We use roughtop tread. For those that saw, they’re an improvement on last year’s wheels. Quarter pound each.

We’re using IFI wheels like we did in the previous years…

Awaiting some additional machining (read: broaching) and treads, here’s Team 228’s custom-machined wheels for our 2007 'bot as they appeared at our meeting earlier tonight. :smiley:

IFI traction wheels ver 2.0
6" x 1" wide

six of these with 3 per side and four cims into the 56mm banebot transmissions.:yikes:

The kit wheels this year are great I’m sure alot of team will use those.

We are looking at the colsin(sp?) and IFI wheels both are excellent.

using andymark mecanum wheel set. we were considering using the kit wheels, but we phased out of that once we saw a couple clips of what these babies could really do.

We’re using some really pretty Aluminum wheels with a little secret…

Although they have rather fallen out of style in the FIRST community, our team will be using pneumatic Skyways.

They are light, easy to assemble, and easy to attach sprockets to. They also “squish”, giving them superior contact with the floor and greater traction.

I believe they are only available from Skyway upon special request, and are not in any catalog.

Homemade Plastic wheels, same great taste, less filling:D