White Paper Discuss: 1994 Article on Kamen/FIRST

This is a pretty cool article. Gives some insight to Dean for those that don’t really know much about him yet, and just some interesting things. Also shows a picture of North Dumpling Island.

I also watched some old interview footage where he talks about making circuit boards in his mom’s oven at a young age. Pretty neat.

1994 Article on Kamen/FIRST

Hey, that’s written by the same guy that wrote Code Name Ginger! And it has an awesome picture of North Dumpling.
Very interesting stuff, if only I had seen it before the research report I wrote about him last year. I never knew North Dumpling had a national anthem :rolleyes:.

I know I’m bringing up an old thread but man, this has got to be the one of the most interesting articles I have ever read. I really recommend it to anyone that is semi-literate