White Paper Discuss: 2005 IRI - Everything You Need to Know (or at least most of it)

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2005 IRI - Everything You Need to Know (or at least most of it) by Chris Fultz

This paper details the 2005 Indiana RObotics Invitational. It includes registration information for teams and volunteers, hotel info, the event schedule, scholarship info and just about everything else we can think of.

Registration for teams and volunteers begins today (16 May) at 6:00 PM (18:00 Hours) - Central Time (Indiana).

Be sure to check out the special events and SCHOLARSHIP information.

Register via IndianaFIRST.org

Just a note:

There is not a ‘premium pit’ option this year.

With the larger field, and extra space we felt was needed to allow for flying tetras, there is space for less than 10 pits in the main gym.

The committee decided to use those 10 for the teams that have an active role in the IRI.

Thanks Chris,

I took a look through this guide this morning and it was extremely helpful. In fact Im so on the ball this year, I already have my hotel reservations booked :cool:

Yeah, unlike last year when he didn’t book them :stuck_out_tongue: