White Paper Discuss: Autonomous Scripting

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Autonomous Scripting by Astronouth7303

I am a Noobie. Could someone explain to me exactly where all this is inserted in the default code. I love the simplicity, I just need help getting started. This is perfect. Thanks so much.

The scripting was shown at kick-off. The code is from Kevin Watson,
his Navigation code. See <http://kevin.org/frc/>.

My whitepaper is a further description of this, and describes how to add to it.

PS- Why did you have to post, e-mail, and PM me? I’m on EST, which was 11:20 at night when you posted.

Thw paper was pretty unclear to me. I did not really know where exactly to put the code. Or if I had to make another .h file… and alot of code on there that seemed un=necessary…