White Paper Discuss: Competition tips/What to expect

Another one of my tip sheets. This time it gives a breakdown of the competition schedule and describes each part of the three day event. Let me know what you think :slight_smile: .

Thank you for putting this together. This is very helpful especially for the the new members and their parents.

One addition is the Chairman’s Award interview process and timing. This was mentioned at our review by the mentor in charge of CA. Sorry, I am not sure of the particulars of the day and time, I think it is on Friday and a schedule is given to each team that submitted at the event.

Wow… it’s like a FIRST competition diary… lol

One thing you may add in the beginning under what to expect in the pit, would be the lack of power (for some) of power outlets…

Generally, you either get one or 2 outlets.

I know that controls take one, batteries take a few, and laptops take a few, and other random stuff.

Just a heads up to the newbies, bring extension cords and power outlets/surge strips to use in the pits.

You can never have too many power outlets in the pits, and those cords, cords, cords… :rolleyes: