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CopyCat Code v1.1 by Sachiel7

Well? Tell me what you think!

This is what we’ve been waiting for. Thanks.

Tucker, Hey!!!
Man, I’d love to see how sparky’d do running off of my code :smiley:
Funny thing is, after seing sparky at VCU, we though YOU were the one’s with the copy auto mode!
Anywho, hope it works!
I’m thinking about putting a switch on the claw (our bot) to reverse the drive variables during playback. This way, you can flip your auto mode based on which side of the field you’re on without taking up more memory or recording seprate modes!
Also, I’ve heard from several teams who have something similar to copycat along with 16 other auto modes. Personally, I don’t see the point in having more than 2 modes.
If you look through the read and write modes, you’ll notice that I set the Counter Limit to 255… so You’re not even fully using half of the available memory in this code. I’m looking into having another switch for a second mode to write to locations 300 - 555… or something like that…

Acutally we came up with an idea like this at Annapolis, then we found out that Miss Daisy had one just like it and they were infront of us on the test ramp! I’m going to look at it and give it to the program head. But Sparky uses an extremely debuged auton mode. We used Sparky 1 from the 2000 year and carpet to try various things.

Well, I hope it works ok. Let me know how sparky likes it…

Hey after looking at your code, couldn’t you change the x variable to a word and have it go up to 1500 or so. That way you can get around 20 seconds of auton operation per programming port. The code in those slots is so small already that it won’t rewrite the existing data. Anyway I liked the idea so I rewrote most of it to fit my team’s existing code. I can do 6 slots so six modes all can handle 23 seconds but ends when auton mode ends all preprogrammed. Too bad our regionals are already over, would have liked to see if it ran. It does run well on the emulator though. If you want i’ll send you what i wrote.

I just left x (the counter) the way it is as an example for usage.
I have updated this in my prog as well.
Thanks for the note though!
I’m not sure if any other team’s have thought of it…