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Cost Effective Robotics: Using Vex in FRC by artdutra04

Art has done a great job in ‘whetting the appetite’ of those of us in the FRC who are looking for means of rapid prototyping. I have used the VEX for implementing and teaching control algorithms to our programming team and look forward to use it post-kickoff in our initial design stage. I think it is important for those of us involved in the FRC to document our use of VEX, as Art has done, as a critical tool for full-scale robot design. While the FVC is an important, budget-minded and simpler first step for those interested in the FIRST world, it can never be a substitute for the FRC.

Your VEX stories, everyone?

Jon Mittelman
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Thanks for the positive feedback! Basically, I am letting everyone who comes to Chief Delphi just for the Build Season know about this white paper. Many of the ideas outlined in this white paper are of high importance to FRC teams at este momento like rapid and cheap prototyping of ideas. Several months ago, after creating some crazy Vex robots (like a Vex “Space Elevator” and a Vex Holonomic Drive), I realized that Vex has many more uses than just being a erector set. In this white paper I outlined many possible uses of Vex for use in the FRC build season - especially for rapid prototyping and strategizing.

Just to let everyone know, I have already begun to implement the ideas in this white paper for use in my team’s build season. Using the quick modularity of Vex, I have already made several prototype ideas using Vex. Within two hours, I had a proof of concept and a mechanism that quickly and repeatedly shot racquetballs halfway across the room! :cool:

EDIT: I also fixed a few typos and converted this to PDF format. Since I can’t figure out how to update an existing white paper, I hosted it on my team’s website at the following address: