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Drive Train Basics by Chris Hibner (115.9 KB)


Thanks Chris!

Great Paper! Something more for our students to nibble on. And they say I make them think too much already!

(I downloaded the ‘Word’ version earlier, it is my prefered format)

I hope that the paper is useful for some teams. I’ve read countless posts on these forums that say, “HELP! Our robot won’t turn!” I’ve responded to most of these posts with some rules-of-thumb, but posting the math is usually too difficult.

I’ve had these equations scribbled down in various notebooks and loose pieces of paper for quite a while now. I’ve been wanting to formalize them into a paper, but I guess I’ve always been too busy to finish it. I’m glad it’s finally done.

Good luck to all.


Thanks a bunch! This looks very helpful.


Great paper. Very detailed. I have one comment, though. The one thing I thought was missing was the use of different materials on the front wheels and back wheels of the robot. If a rookie were to look at your paper, they would get the impression that there would only be two ways to help turning: (1) width must be larger than wheelbase or (2) Wheels with different friction characteristics in the different directions. There is, in fact, a third (and I know you already know this) and that is to have the front wheels and back wheels have materials with different coefficients of friction. I know the equations get a bit longer, but it may be worth it to point it out.

Great job on the paper!


where do i download omni wheels 8" for cad

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I just wanted to say thanks… even after all these years… it’s still very helpful!