White Paper Discuss: FIRST Publicity Manual

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FIRST Publicity Manual by Mark McLeod

I posted a publicity manual in the white papers that lightly touches on aspects of publicity or public relations from a FIRST team perspective. It goes into somewhat more detail on writing press releases and getting them published. It’s a little long for casual reading, so think of it as a reference manual. I’ll have to condense this tome to a two page “Quick Guide to Publicity” for more popular consumption. Something else to be included in the future FIRST Book of Lists.

New and different ideas and publicity success stories are always welcome, and indeed looked for. Please post or drop me a note if you have valuable experiences to relate. I’d especially like to hear from those who’ve had counter experiences. Any comments, suggestions, etc. on the document itself are also appreciated, if for no other reason than it means someone took the time to read it.

As always NEMO members have been a big help in bouncing ideas around and comparing notes on the different successes we’ve had with publicity campaigns.