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IRI Results by DougHogg

I had trouble uploading this file as a text file, so I wound up uploading it in spreadsheet format. You should be able to open it with Excel, Filemaker on Mac or PC (which automatically converts it to a database), Access, Microsoft Works, etc.

The first record (first row) contains the field names. However for some reason, when I converted the file to a spreadsheet, any text data was trimmed, so “Row#” became " R o" (with weird invisible characters between the “R” and “o”.

The data for each match is repeated 4 times, once for each team in that match. That way, you can load the file into a database, sort it by team#, and find the total scores and QP’s for each team.

Included in each record (row) is the remainder of the data for that match: blueteam#1, blueteam#2, blue score, blueQP’s, redteam#1, etc. There is also a “Notes” field which gives data on which matches were “mentor” matches. The above format results in duplicated data, but I find it nice to be able to search one field for a team to find all their matches and then see all their partners and opponents on the screen for each match. I basically merged two different files into one. The first file contained match data (blue team#1, BlueTeam#2, BlueScore, BlueQP, etc) and the second file contained the match scores by team# (Team#, Score, QP).

A couple of teams weren’t able to make it to IRI, so other teams stood in for them. The “Notes” field mentions several teams that stood in, but I am missing most of them.

The field names (column names) from left to right were: Row#, Match#, Team#, Score, QP, Partner, BlueTeam#1, BlueTeam#2, BlueScore, BlueQP, RedTeam#1, RedTeam#2, RedScore, RedQP, and Notes.

To put the file back in its original order, sort it by the first field which is “Row#” (which should be made a number field if importing the file into a database).

To see just the qualifying rounds, find Row#<445.

I saved this as .xls instead of .txt and it opened fine in Excel.

Take care!