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Karthik’s 2005 Championship Scouting Database by Karthik

This thing is so cool guys! Seriously, Karthik let me play test dummy and this thing has stats on every team going to Championship! Check it out it’s a great resource!

Great job, Karthik.

In response to this thread started by Dr. Joe, I decided to compile all the information that was being looked for. It was no small effort, as accurate results have been hard to come by this year. But after some long hours and a few Red Bulls, here it is.

There is some missing data, if anyone can help fill in these gaps, please send me a PM or an email. The list of what is missing can be found on the “notes” tab of the spreadsheet. The most important missing data is from the elimination rounds of the St. Louis and Long Island regionals.

Also, I am missing a whole bunch of the team nicknames. If anyone is up to the task of finding them, send me a list, and I’ll make an update.

The division info is obviously missing, I’ll post an update on Monday as soon as it comes out.

Thanks to everyone who helped me out with this project.

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or corrections, please let me know via PM or this thread.


Very nice. Thank you. I hope you will update it with the divisions when they are out. From here, I will typically pull together a pocket excel version of each division that lets me see whos done what with only my iPAQ in hand.

Great work. Thanks again.

Joe J.

Wow, Karthik, this is…incredible. I’m emailing it to my head of scouting, well, I will after its latest update. If you’d like to add, as well, Team 1089’s nickname is “Team Mercury.” If not, hey, that’s chill too. :slight_smile:

Awesome job, seriously. Can’t wait for Atlanta!

I’ll have an update tonight before I go to bed, with all the additions that people have sent in to me today.

Thanks to Andy Baker and Jess Jankowitsch, I now have all the team nick name data!

Such a great job! This is an amazing resource to have available!

Here’s what I remember offhand from the Long Island Regional. I can fill in some more of the holes later.

I’ve uploaded the latest version of the spreadsheet, just waiting to have it approved my a moderator. A few bugs have been worked out, a few blanks have been filled, and the team nickname data has been added.

I’ll get working on the data for the last 8 teams to register.


Thanks for the great spreadsheet. Just wanted to let you know that FIRST now has full or partial match results posted for GLR, PIT, and MO. I downloaded the ones for GLR and PIT into a spreadsheet to determine the team records among other things. Let me know if you would like me to send you the spreadsheets or the records?

The more data the better. I know the reported data for Pittsburgh and St. Louis is incomplete, but the GLR qualification rounds look alright. If you’ve complied, please send it over. I just sent you a PM with my contact info (it’s also in the spreadsheet).

I don’t have excel, anybody know of a way I can still view it? Thanxs.

GO 1403!!!

You the man! Rep Point for helping us scouting people out, This spreadsheet holds alot of information containing the teams competing record for the 2005 season. This must have taken some time I bet =)


Nice going, I am impressed. Thanks for compiling all the data.

Here’s the latest version…


I’ll be publishing an update on Monday once the divisions come out.

Thanks to everyone who has sent me updates. Keep them coming.

Please double check – make sure team #1 is ranked #1 with the data as reported. I THINK I recall that the GLR data was reported with the scores backwards or upside down or inside out or something. I am not sure, but I think my brain has a tingly feeling. For what it’s worth.

Joe J.

WOW, comprehensive data. Scouting at the nationals is never easy with a handfull of people. This will be a great resource for all of us. Does anyone know how Karthik has soo much time on his hands? :confused: :rolleyes:


I have yet to use the data from the FIRST website regarding the GLR qualification rounds. You’re right, something seems fishy about it. If I stay in tonight, I’ll try and figure it out.