White Paper Discuss: Locking the Bosch 3360 Drill in low gear

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Locking the Bosch 3360 Drill in low gear by scuba_sm

wow… we just used zipties :smiley:

one diagonally, anchored above the shifter holding it up, and one horizontally under the shifter, preventing it from falling down.

done :smiley:

Hmmm… That would work…

We had some tight fits in our bot, and after taking the motor in and out a couple of times, we wanted to be absolutely sure it would lock, and we didn’t want to snag it on anything…

Swampthing was locked in low With zip-ties, it workeD!

Locked in high with a single plastic zip tie around the case. Never slipped out of gear. Be sure to read my sig too.