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Omni-dirctonal Hoverbot by Tytus Gerrish

This machine operates similarry to a 3-wheel killtough drive. through a vectored thrust system it’s 6 vents can produce thrust in 3 polar directions, and in the rotational directon as well . i have al the parts i need with the acception of a hi-compression fan that i need to power the thrust.

thrust.pdf (66.8 KB)

thrust.pdf (66.8 KB)

No matter what, every month Tytus will come up with a new version of his hoverbot (well almost every single month)… that kid definitely got some talent. Very nice job TYTY… i know how your HoverBot works… it would be great if you could explain it here one more time… that way others who have questions would be able to get the answers… thanks… :slight_smile:

Again TYTY… GREAT JOB… you will be a great engineer one day… :smiley:

from looking at the drawings, it would appear that you have servos opening and closing doors (for lack of a better term) arranged around the outside of the hover bot. if this is the case, i would worry about loss of lift when any of the “doors” are opened.

the 6-fan lift system and the 1-fan propultion system are completely seprate, even running off seprate sets of bateries

That’s awesome… :smiley:

You’ll have to take some footage of it in action and upload it somewhere so we can see it.

i couldnt work on it today because neither goodwill or the art supply store are open. so i couldnt look for the fan or get the foamboard i need.

i’ve hit a snag. i am still unable to find a nessarry 12vdc fan in the 250-600cfm range to complete the bot. IF anyone Has ONE or knows where to find one Please tell me.

i also driled the holes 10mm too far apart on my first try, bad measuring by me There goes a $2 piece of Elmers foamboard.


even though you posted what you need here, still post it in the CD-Swap section with the specifics. i think that would work better.


That’s going to be tough in a 120mm fan. The only small fans I know of that get that kind of flow at 12VDC are the Comair Rotron 172mm fans, which go up to about 300cfm. However, that 300cfm is at zero static pressure, and the maximum static pressure is around 0.8. Also, those things are using 40 watts and spinning at 3500 rpm, so it will remove any body part that happens to come in contact with it.

They’re also not cheap.

okay, i just tore a centrificul fan out of a craftsman leafblower. im going to just put it on an FP motor and have at it