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Orologio Logging System by Julia Magoolia

Thank You very much for writing this program. I have been looking for a program like this for some time now to keep track of our mentor volunteer hours and student hours. This is a very good resource for other teams.

I like it. Very simple to use.

ok – sorry guys – this program really sucks – i’m looking to rewrite it over the summer (maybe using something like visual C++ so u dont need the silly .NET framework) – but if i could get some feedback from y’all about what u would want to be different that’d be awsome – being i was the developer ‘n’ the one running it f’r the team i knew it was intuitive to me – but i was curious what troubles others had using it …


I like it alot. When we view the users logged in. It would be nice to see like what days they logged in then like the hours for that day and at the end of it to have the total number of hours.

Albright, Ryan

Date Day Time In Time Out Total
5/05/05 Monday 0700 1500 8.00 hrs
5/06/05 Tuesday 0700 1500 8.00 hrs

                                                                      16 hrs

Something like that
Make it like that i can click on the person name and see this in like a table. Then have different printing options, such has like having the option to print just everyons total hours, or just like everyones hours just for a day or a week.

I think the program as is is very nicely done. I agree with Ryan’s suggestions… also, I’d say allow the user logging in to see stats of their total time overall, and their total time in the past week, just for their own reference. Also, maybe include an option for making only the admin allowed to exit the program (so that nobody accidentally closes it or whatever making it easier to just leave up on the computer)

I love the setup, simple design… gets the job done and very efficiently.

howdy --==-- i’m in the process of rewriting the program using QT so once it’s compiled it wont need any special libraries (like the .NET framework) … but here’s the catch -=- i’m having some trouble finding a reliable windows machine to test it on * -=- so if anybody’s willing to install qt on a windows machine ‘n’ tell me how it works i’d be highly greatful … just drop me an email at [email protected] ‘n’ i’ll send u what i have for the current source (yes -=- the same source works on win32/linux/mac – 's part of the beauty of qt :slight_smile: )