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Team Regional Perfomance at your finger tips… by Joe Johnson

Hi folks,

Sorry for the shameless plug of my own work here, but I put a lot of work into it and, while would be fine for just my team to gain the benefit, it would be even better if more folks took a look at it and perhaps got some small benefit from it.

The spread sheet basically boils down all the match, awards and standings data from the FIRST website into a one pager on the team of interest. All you have to do is type in a team number and all the data about how a team did during the regionals is available for you.

One thing I really like about it is that it tells you not only a teams win-loss-tie record, but it tells you who were their partners and who were their opponents for every match they played. More importantly, it tells you the PERCENTILE RANKING of their partners and opponents.

It also tells you stuff like what awards they won, where they were picked in the draft (for me a very good metric of a teams overall strength), what matches they played in the elimination rounds, plus other stuff.

I hope folks find it useful.

Joe J.

P.S. Note that the elimination round data was not posted for weeks 1 & 2 so the spread sheet only has draft data and elimination round data for weeks 3-5. Also, I hope that FIRST posts which robots played which matches next year. It would have been a very good bit of data to have. As it is, all we can tell from the data FIRST posted is that this alliance beat that alliance not that Alliance1 played robots XXX & YYY against Alliance2 who played ZZZ & AAA. I don’t know if this is on purpose, because FIRST is trying to protect folks from the knowledge that their robot screwed up but I hope that it is put in the data next year anyway.

For example, you cannot tell from the data that the alliance lost both matches it played team 47 in the elims in San Jose – I say that not to put my team down, though I AM mortified about the programming error that cost us the last match, but to point out that that is an important part of the story when a team is evaluating us and it would be nice if it was available.

UGH! I just found a problem in my spreadsheet.

I will upload a new version that fixes my error, but if you want to you can fix it myself: in column D of TeamSheet, replace “MatchesWinSc” with “MatchesLossSc”

Basically, I display the winning score in both columns, by mistake.

Sorry for the mistake.

Joe J.

Here is the new upload with the bug fixed.


Joe J.

Joe, this is awesome. You always put out quality stuff, so waiting for a few bugs to be fixed is no problem at all (for me, at least) :slight_smile:

Are you posting from Atl? Or are you still in MI?

PS - I wish I knew how to do spreadsheets as well as you, because if I did I wouldn’t even mess with Access.