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Triple Play Scoring Spreadsheet by tb222

The “blue end zone” field doesn’t work properly. It isn’t sending any data to field I10. I10 isn’t calculating the score for having all 3 robots behind the end zone in I2. Instead, the “red end zone” (H2) field controls both scores, adding 10 to both.

This is the corrected field for I10:


I have just released v1.2. This problem is now fixed. Also, I’ve made it so you cannot assign ownership to a goal before adding at least one tetra of the proper color to that goal, doing so will result in ERROR as your score :smiley:


Perhaps I’m being a bit picky…but I like the new feature about only having ownership if you have a tetra of your color. Could you also add that if, for example, blue has a stacked tetra and red only has contained tetras, that the goal cannot go to red? (and vice versa with red on top and blue below) Not really sure where in the code to put it but something like IF(B2=0,IF(C2>0,IF(B4=“R”,“ERROR”,0),0),0) with all the ANDs and ORs added in for each case. If not its okay - its still a really cool spreadsheet :smiley:

you just wanna see how long i can make the code in that scoring box. unfortunately, I don’t have my usual access to Excel, but maybe once school starts up for me (next week) I’ll see what I can do.

WOW!!! I have just submitted v1.3 to the white papers!!! Now my infamous score sheet includes the wonderful feature suggested above! I must say, I don’t think I can add much more to it unless I add ‘ghost cells.’ I went to add the code for this feature into the scoring cell and it told me that the code was too long! So, to save space, I changed all the CHAR(##) entries to “r” or “b” respectively. Thanx for all the feedback. If you find any problems, let me know and I’ll try to fix them ASAP.

ps- I am also proud to state that this spreadsheet was the FIRST scoring program posted in the white papers for this year! I know, it doesn’t mean much, but I’m proud to have the bragging rights! :smiley:

I was experimenting with Excel and now created v2.0 which was just submitted to the white papers!!! (it may take a day or 2, but it’ll be there) Let’s just say I wanted to get a jump on making an outstanding spreadsheet for next year!!! If you downloaded any of the 1.x versions, I highly suggest you update them with this. I kept it printer friendly so it can easily be used as a scoring sheet for mini’s. (I’d love to get a pm or e-mail saying somebody used the hard-copy at a mini!!!) Trust me, you can definately look forward to a spreadshet from me next year…