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VB .NET Dashreader custom control source by Ameya

Is any one working on a dash computer? Does anyone have a good code sample of how to read the Innovative firsts radio serial output consistantly? I have used the notes from inovative and developed one last year but it is jittery at best on a 1 ghz machine running vb6.0. I am looking for programs in VB6.0!

My next step is to use a thread technique to get more processor time for the read routine.

I have not run VB.net at this time. Does anyone know if .net has better serial port read routines?

I am using the dashboard to tell if the driver ot the robot is the problem. it is so easy to blame the robot for malfunctions during the game time!

Any problems with this on other teams?

well, the white paper you responded to contains VB .NET code for reading the dashboard port. Actually, it was a lot harder to make this for VB .NET than for VB 6.0 because of the removal of the mscomm control. Nate Smith posted a dashboard custom control that works for VB 6.0–you can use that to write your dashboard program if you don’t want to make the switch. Go to this thread to find it.