white tube vs tape

trying to see the tape while there was a white tube near it proved to be difficult.

61 101 4 16 190 248

those are the numbers I got to be able to distinguish. Found that the color picture was necessary to distinguish between the two.

then again they are so close, that on the official field, it may be difficult to tell the difference.

basically capping white tubes has the potential to blind vision systems.

I’m not sure I understand what vision is being used for? If you can describe a more complete task, I may be able to help filter or process with something other than color.

Greg McKaskle

I am trying to do an autocap maneuver, however when a white tube is present it floods the camera. I’m worried that the pegs around it won’t be able to be detected, as the filter for the white on the reflective tape picks up the tube too.

I was able to filter it out, but it took the code shown above. I’m worried that the code above is too specific to be used reliably in competition.

I use the camera’s perspective of “size” of the reflective tape to determine distance from the peg.

Is this just for automode for for use during teleop? If its automode, it shouldnt be a problem, because driveteams are not allowed to touch the tubes and they shouldnt be in the FOV anywhere near the tape. If its for teleop, it is possible (and Im sure there is some way to handle it, but i don’t know the camera code).

I’m still missing some details.

It seems that tape refers to retro-reflective tape, and you are saying that having a white tube in scene washes out the image.

How are you illuminating the RR tape? Have you considered using another color? Is the camera white balance or exposure set to auto? Do you want to post an image?

Greg McKaksle