Whitehouse Petition

People of the FIRST community! I am not sure if i should be posting this here but here goes… You may go to this link https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/first-robotics-world-championship-st-louis-2014/NwHgr4GM to help petition to see the President of the United States at the FIRST robotics championship in St. Louis in 2014! I feel this could help in gaining more support in STEM education!

Already been tried.

In that thread there was a serious concern that the security measures involved to get the president in and out would really hurt the event. So although I really want this to happen, it’s just not feasible.

Here’s an idea: maybe he gives a live speech from at the white house to be displayed during opening ceremonies/reward ceremonies/whenever. Less of a burden on him and its logistically possible.

Also, if you want FIRST people to sign a petition, July isn’t the best time to do it.