Who all is going to grand rapids?

I’m so pumped for First this year…I jsut got a membership to this web site nad well last year was my first FIRST year…do you get it! Anyways, but i jsut wnated to know who all is going to then I have people to meet there…the people I meet last year I haev lost contact with, graduated and wont be there or I jsut wont remember them! well Please jsut say ya or something…I like to have people to look forward to meeting!

Since it’s in our own backyard, the RoboDawgs will definately be there.

sweet! ya we have like a 5 hour drive but we ar eshort with money like every year so we can only go to one reginal and then hopefully Nationals! I can’t wait I loved everything baout last year…even the long waits for the presentaions to start becuase our team would get up and dance…I’m guessing you went to Grand Rapids last year…we were the girl in the white shirts that dacned in that blocked of area to like 5 line dances! I think cheering on all the teams nad jsut getting up and movieng aroudn is the best part! What do other peple think? what is your favorite part about the compititions

I’m the one running scoring there(unless they change me to something else,) so I’ll be sitting at the table next to the field pretty much all weekend…come find me if you dare :wink:

Team 535 will be there.
We hope to do better than our second place last year :smiley:
Hope to see you all there.

Wayne Doenges