Who Am I? Pics

I have a question- I uploaded a picture to the Who Am I? gallery a while ago, and I have a new one from Nationals that I want to use as instead of the older one… Is there some way I can change the picures, and if so- how? Thanks!

Just upload a new one to the Who am I? gallery, the new one will replace the old one.

Thanks sooo much!

:slight_smile: Good question.

You’ll find that you have a lot of pics mounting up after a while. These are simply quite a few pages back in the gallery. However, it’s nice to be able to look back at them sometimes. Some of us, coughLisacough take very odd W A I pics and everyone likes to go back and look at them.

  • Genia

Hey brandon, i’ve been thinking about suggesting this for awhile, what if there was an easier way to see old whoami pics then going and trudging through the who am i gallery which can be a frustrating task sometimes. Like having a link in your profile to ‘past whoami pics’ and then it just displays your who am i pics, thus leading to some hillarious finds like that old one of Andy Baker i dug up a few months back.

Good idea Josh. I’ll keep that in mind when I work on the gallery improvements.