Who Am I pictures

It seems that either I don’t understand the rules changes (from a month ago, or so) and how they relate to the Who Am I pictures, or that the rule isn’t being enforced.

There are quite a few Who Am I pictures getting approved that, to me, do not make good Who Am I pictures. For example, there are quite a few pictures where there are multiple people pictured, and even in the description there isn’t any indication of who is who. There are also a lot of pictures with only a single person where the picture is so bad, or obscured, or whatever, that you wouldn’t be able to recognize the person in real life.

Some people also seem to use it as a “picture of the week” club.

Short term, I think it would good if the picture moderators were more discerning in what pictures they approved (at least for the Who Am I pictures).

Long term, I think it would be neat if the picture Moderators got to see the new picture and the current picture (IE the one it is replacing). That way, if the new picture was at least as good of quality as the current one, they could approve it, and if it isn’t as good, they would be able to reject it. Quality is hard to quantify, but would take into account the age of the picture, and how clear the person is in the picture.

What do people think?

I agree wholeheartedly. What do the moderators think?

Excellent points.
I agree 100%.


I think users should have the right to post a picture of themselves no matter if its with a group of friends or of bad quality. The pictures are supposed to represent who they are and they should be able to do that in any way they see fit.

Eh, I think that if the person who is uploading the image is in the picture in some way, people should be allowed to have a little bit of fun with it.

I mean, stuff like putting a baby picture there, having a shot with some friends (as long as you’re pointed out in the comments), and other various things…where’s the harm in that? I mean, it’s your Who Am I? picture, and thus a representation of YOU.

We need to relax a little bit here, in my opinion. ChiefDelphi may be a forum for alot of very serious, very dedicated people…but at the end of the day, a good laugh will get you alot farther than some other things that can be found on here.

If you find a Who Am I? picture to be unsatisfactory…don’t look. You’re not forced to, not by any means. If you want to see a different picture of the person for whatever reason, ask nicely in a PM, and I’m sure they’d be happy to send one over.

We need to have a little bit of fun with this whole life thing…c’mon people. These rallying threads to behead the people that are making fools of themselves, or bending rules, or doing whatever it is that gets people going…they’re starting to get old. Just take a deep breath, smile, and go about your day. It’s just that simple.

That’s just my opinion, so don’t scream at me for it. Then again, my opinion doesn’t count for much, me not being a moderator and all.

I think Joe’s point is that Who Am I? pictures are there so that when you go to some random FIRST event and you’re wandering around, you can go “Hey, that dude’s from Chiefdelphi!!!”

They’re so you can put a face to the name. For example, one of the most recent Who Am I? pictures is of a softball team. Who’s supposed to know which person in the picture the user is? (Not to single out who’s picture this is). It’s stuff like that, that people have problems with, I think.



Here is the rule I found for the Who-am-i gallery.

“The Who-Am-I gallery is provided to give people an idea of what you look like. Images uploaded to this gallery should be photographs of you, preferably showing your face. Drawings, team logos, pictures of robots, or anything else that isn’t an image identifying you will be erased by an image moderator.”

So that includes any pictures that isn’t a clear represntation of the person uploading them. Having a weird pictures with strange angle and style is one thing, posting it for the sake of posting is another thing. Some people post a baby picture of themselves. That isn’t as bad as people that upload couple of pictures every week.

I am not as concerned about the quality of the picture as to people using it as a Picture of the week. That, to me, seems to be a waste of the forum’s gallery. Some people like to change their picture depending on their mood, only, they change their mood a lot. If we can set a certain time limit people have to wait before allowed to change their who-am-i picture, I think that will help control the quality and the quantity of the pictures.

If they can only have a picture every month, they are bound to pick the best one they can find because it’s going to stay there for a month.

Maybe we should go through the gallery and delete some of the older pictures, and keep x amount of pictures on file for everyone.

I agree on ‘team’ pictures, etc. If there is more than one person in the picture, attempt to crop them out. If that is not possible, make sure you clearly identify yourself.

IMHO we should send a nice little wake-up to some of the offenders, but I mean, why should we start enforcing this weird rule that will just take up people’s time? Don’t we already have enough of that here on this forum already? If we ask nicely we can get a lot more done than if we are stubborn create some new rule and tick someone off. Maybe it’s just me, but I find it no harm to have a team pic, just as long as you are singled out. Oh well, to each their own.

A picture with a few friends is OK, as long as your point out in the description who you are - “I’m the one second from the left” not “Here’s a picture of me and some other people from team XXX at PARC last year!”

As far as baby pictures go, here’s one of me when I was 3.


Cute, huh? But it’s a picture of me taken 16 years ago. I wouldn’t expect anyone to see it and say, “Oh, hey! You’re Katie Reynolds! I totally recognize you from your baby picture on Chief Delphi!”

If you want something that’s a representation of YOU, whether it be a baby picture or a picture of your robot, make it your avatar, not your Who-Am-I picture.

I like Amanda’s solution of deleting the old “Who am I” pictures from the gallery.
Either delete them manually or automatically, then everyone will have only one “Who am I”. This will eliminate the resource issue. (btw- was there a resource issue with the “Who Am I” gallery?)

For myself I would like all my old pics deleted and only the lastest available for my postings. The “Picture of the Week” are refreshing and entertaining (I like them).
It’s great way for to promote ourselves, our teams, and our activates. These pictures are one way to share and stay connected with other FIRSTers (instead of just bland text and smiley icons), it also maintains high rate of site visits and spices up the CD front page.

I think that there should be a limit to how many Who Am I pictures you can post in a certain time period. When one person just uploads 10 pictures of the same event, we get the idea of what they look like, and we dont really need to see them from every possible angle.

As for deleting old pictures, if the room is needed, then I agree. But at the same time, I would like to go back and see how people used to look a year ago and look now. I know I look different. I am pretty sure it was mentioned in another thread, but I think there should be a search function either in the gallery section, or in each member’s public profile where you can see all of their Who Am I pictures uploaded.

My opinion is unless there is a resource issue, let the people do what they want… it’s their picture. I could see the reason for a 1 picture per month limit, but I don’t think we should dictate the content of peoples’ Who Am I pictures as long as they are in the picture somewhere. I really don’t see the problem of having a few people in the picture, or a group of friends either. This just all seems kinda nitpicky to me :rolleyes:

Quite honestly, it shouldn’t matter. If it’s a bad picture, and you really care that much, IM or PM them and get to know them otherwise. If you’re really a friend to them, then you’re going to know what they look like. What good does it for you to know what a person looks like if you know nothing about them other than the few things they post? Lately, CD has gotten so political, and I’m not talking Bush and Kerry. Everyone is complaining about what everyone else is doing and how they choose to be a part of this public forum. It is very gracious that CD open their forums up to the FIRST community, but if you don’t like what someone has to say, then you just shouldn’t read it anymore. If you don’t think a persons Who Am I picture is a good one, then don’t look. If ya don’t like reading Chit-Chat or Televised Robotics, then don’t. Take it off your portal page. Stop being so political about things. If you were at work and the guy who sits right next to you has a really fuzzy picture of his wife, what are you going to do? Tell him it’s bad and he needs to get rid of it. It’s his, he does what he wants to do with it. Why does everyone have the right to say who is right and who is wrong? None of us do other than moderators, sure, everyone will have comments but saying no this and no that is just wrong. Don’t judge others, because you wouldn’t like to be judged yourself. Just because you fit in the clique, doesn’t mean you’re always right. Think about this as a real life thing, and reconsider before you post anything.

You do need to remember that team 47, Chief Delphi, operates and pays for these forums. It’s not a matter of ‘if you don’t like it don’t read it’, it is a matter of how it reflects on team 47, Delphi and Pontiac Central High School. They set some rules, rules which we should respect. They welcome rational discussion about them, but they still make the rules.

The ‘Who-am-I’ picture has its purpose in its name. It’s so you can be recognized at events. I also use it to visually see who made a post.

Remember that you have a avatar that you have more leeway with. That is suppost to be the robot picture/random things.

Enforce current rules. Mayhaps a review of who has approval powers, and a refresher of the rules with all those.
Limit WAI picture changes to once every three months or so. People change, but usually not so much as to be unregonizable in less then three months.


The baby picture thing… That’s directed at me isn’t it??

But look at the picture of when I was in 5th grade, and look at me in real life now.
(Not much difference:ahh: )

Anyways… I’ll post a new pic before the season starts and I start attending big competitons again so you can all identify me and not come up to me and say hi…

I agree, I do like looking at older pictures of people.

That’s basically what I was trying to get at. I would suggest that the uploading limit be a “soft” limit. If someone just joins, and uploads a webcam picture of themself because that is the only one availible, and then gets a better one, they shouldn’t have to wait 3 months. But, I do think that in most cases a limit should be enforced.

My take in this is that I don’t see the need for people to be posting Who Am I? pictures every month or so because how many people look so completely different in just a month period? I know I don’t and I don’t think anyone else does. And for that matter let’s say you have posted a picture of yourself in Nov. and the next competition or FIRST event that you will go to is in April or so, if you look different by April then post a current picture of yourself at that time not every month since Nov.

As far as baby pictures go, I know that I could not recognize a person from a picture that they or some one else took of them some 15+ years ago. And group pictures? … Well I’m not going to tell anyone to not post them but I don’t think that the title Who Am I? relates to a group of people (group = plural; I = singular :wink: ). So if you do decide to post a group picture … first make sure that you point out exactly WHO you are and second make sure that we can see YOU (I have found that often in group pictures, if there’s several people I can’t really single anyone out and look at that particular person well).

Anyway, I digress, I definitely don’t think that this is an issue that should make people upset or offended (not saying that that has happened) but it should be moderated so that everyone is more or less pleased.
Ultimately, I always try to make sure that a decision is made so that everyone is happy (which of course almost never happens) but I think it could happen in this case and well its worth a try. :slight_smile:

Just my humble opinion!! :o

These are both very good points. I think that when using the “Who-am-I?” Gallery, people really should be able to recognize you at an actual competetion. If you would like a baby picture or something, remember that an avatar can also be uploaded from your computer (take a look at my cat avatar, for example). To make things easier, perhaps when you upload a picture to the gallery you could select if you want it as either the avatar or the “who-am-I” area at the top of your posts, but that could turn into a lot of work for the moderators…just a thought. (or just throw in a bunch of links to your pictures in your signiture)

What if someone got on your screen name and posted your “Who I am” picture for you while you were in a different state? :mad:

Ha, I’ll change it once I get a good pic of me. I am normally the one behind the camera and not in front of it, but I have a couple of ideas.

Oh yeah, I changed my password since then. ha ha.