Who Am I's

Alrite, so I have been thinking about WAI’s. I know that it is noticed when people change their picture often. I am guilty of it myself. I know that when I change my WAI its because I have a new picture that I like, or I am bored. Which I guess isnt the greatest reason to change it, but I dont really pay attention to that.

I didnt realize for a while that I had changed mine so much. * But then people started saying things about it. Like ::cough:: koko ed ::cough:: calling me an attention whore. haha. I realized that I did change my pictures alot and asked myself why [Very philosphical… haha] So then I developed my theory as to why I change it so much… [Its kinda lame…] But, I am a constantly changing and growing person and I want FIRST people to be able to recognize me out side of FIRST events [Because I have no friends and my life is hopeless without you all. lol]

WAI’s I guess are for the purpose of showing who you are. And so I guess that I am a person who likes to be in pictures :smiley: Haha. But in all seriousness, I am going to try my best not to load up the servers with pictures of myself… well… key word is try.

I hear that the new media updates are going to put limits into effect anyways. Which I am cool with because I am not the person who has to check the pictures/make sure the site stays in tip top shape.

Continuing… those of you who do change yours often… whats your reason, and do you think you change yours too often?

So what do others think when people change their WAI’s often? Is it annoying? Or do you find it helpful? How often do you think WAI’s should be changed/how much time should be placed between new ones?

And is there anything else you have to say on this topic?

[btw, to the mods – sorry for uploading the 5 or 6 pics from NJ… They werent all mine. They were also from Elgins and Coreys cameras… I just took the liberty to upload them… please done hurt me. ::gets down on knees and begs:: haha.]**

WOW, all I can say is WOW. You REALLY need school to start back up don’t you? I think we all have a nice little view into your busy little head.

Just kidding Ashley. I guess I never put much thought into my WAI. You have inspired me. I will take a picture & put it up so people can see who I am. I kind’a liked being just another face in the croud. Now I will have people at the mall or the supermarket comming up to me for autographs and such. But I guess that is just the price we pay. Huh Ashley?

& I think we all know Ed is just jealous of all your attention.

Well, I don’t change my WAI very often, (My current one’s from the first week or two of build season.) so I guess I qualify for a “what do you think of the people who change their WAI’s a lot?” :slight_smile:

I don’t actually mind people who have lots of pics, other than the annoyance of the moment of silence I must observe whenever I see one of those who abuse the WAI system. In my moment, I take time to reflect on CD’s hard drive(s?), the mods, Brandon, the mods, the obscene bandwidth waste, the mods, the CPU(s?) which have to run the PHP to create all those pages of WAI photos, the mods, etc. :wink:

In all seriousness, the main complaint I have against people who change their WAI or avatar often is that I don’t recognize them anymore. What I mean by that is that when I read a thread, I don’t look at the poster’s name, I recognize their avatar or WAI. For example, I don’t even know when MikeWasHere05 changed his name to Mike Whateveritisnow, (sorry, Mike :)) but I still knew who it was because he had the same WAI.

Ashley, Your dead on. Some people continually have another picture on CD, not to mention any names cough Dorienne cough has the same type of picture with like 5 of them! (j/k dori). I’ve been on here for almost 6 years, and i have probably about 9 WAI’s yet, I posted them over the course of those 6ish years accordingly. I mean i see its cool if like you have different pics all in different settings, but the same type of pic X number of times just is kinda silly!


note, im not being degrading at all im just poking fun at you Dori!*

/extremely embarrassed

Normally I’d be mad, Greg, but since you’re not too bad a person I’d just have to keep my trap shut.

First off, I usually post a picture because I either like it a lot and want to share it or I am REALLY bored, like Ashley. They don’t really express ME as much since they’re all the same, according to Greg.
Second, I have a webcam now, which limits my places to take pictures. I would have different settings if my digicam worked and such.

I apologize. I will keep from posting pictures so often. I’ll keep mine until probably March.

Four (official) years on CD, two WAI pictures. Seems about right.


And one out of two where you can actually see your face is a pretty good batting average. :wink:

Personally, I like seeing fresh pictures from time to time. (Granted that some people do take it to an extreme. :p) I find that having seen multiple WAIs improves the chances for recognition when finally meeting someone in person.

I’ll just say that, yes, the new CD-Media will handle the amount/frequency of Who-Am-I pictures. You’ll also be able to easily set your current picture back to older ones. That’s a ways off, still.

For fun, I threw this together just now on my lunch. It’s how often you’ve posted a who-am-i picture from your join date to today. This doesn’t count the 150some I imported from our old gallery (pre-vBulletin) … otherwise I’d be up there with 150+ pictures … and I’ve only had about 5.

Also, this isn’t meant to point any fingers … if someone was motivated enough, they could figure this stuff out … I just have a little easier access to it. If it were serious enough, there would already be controls to prevent higher frequency & amounts of Who-AM-I pictures.

With that said: http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/whoami.php


Wow! Bill and I are nearly twins!

Very nice stats Brandon. Thanks for taking your time to do this.

I don’t know if you have already thought about it or not, but it would be nice to have an option to delete own WAI pics through CD media. That way there isn’t 30 pictures just sitting there, which are never being used. Just a suggestion. :slight_smile:

CD-Media will give the ability for the owner to delete an image … still have to work through the logicstics of when one has a discussion thread going … if the thread goes, or stays without an image, etc … maybe an option. I’m not that far yet, unfortunately.

Brandon, take your time. We understand that you do have a life outside of FIRST, you got your family/friends and social life. The forum is in a good shape. We can wait. :slight_smile:

Yes, and we don’t want to distract Brandon from the DVD he’s making.

(I just had to get that shot in - the setup was too perfect).

HAHAHA. I change my picture most frequently… I almost regret ever bringing this up. But, it will be one month tomorrow since my last WAI. And someone made a bet with me that I wouldnt be able to not post a new one for a month. :slight_smile: [New WAI at 12:00 tomorrow night :p… Nah just kidding]

Thanks for putting that together Brandon… I kept on trying to go through and figure out my average… but I got lazy. lol

And take your time with the media stuff. Thanks you rock.

seems like i also have a twin

4 pics - Greg Needel
01/09/2002 to 08/17/2005 … one every 329 days

4 pics - Tyler Olds
01/10/2002 to 08/17/2005 … one every 329 days

Dori, i was only foolin around! dont take it the wrong way!

Alright you win.

eats words

order: # of pictures…
25 pics - Ryan Dognaux
04/12/2002 to 08/17/2005 … one every 49 days
20 pics - Rich Wong
01/16/2002 to 08/17/2005 … one every 65 days
19 pics - Elyse Holguin
04/13/2002 to 08/17/2005 … one every 64 days

Oh dear, me bad! (or good? 2nd place… duh).
I’ll be happy to delete the old stuff when the “deletion feature” is available.

Greaaaaat, I’m triplets with DJ and Ty…

16 pics - Tytus Gerrish
02/12/2003 to 08/17/2005 … one every 57 days
16 pics - D.J. Fluck
10/12/2001 to 08/17/2005 … one every 88 days
16 pics - Beth Sweet
03/08/2003 to 08/17/2005 … one every 56 days

I know.
I’m fine. :]

Anyways…Top 3…Gosh.
Kill me now.