Who are Car Nack and Looking Forward?

So, there was a thread somewhat discussing Looking Forward that I found from 2009, but I thought it might just be easier to make a new thread for discussing both of them. I was reading Looking Forward’s Week 6 predictions this morning, and this strange thought occurred to me:

What if Car Nack isn’t one single person, but the entire GDC making bets on the game ideas they implemented? :ahh:

Then, I also had a more fun thought, what if Looking Forward is a combination of Dean, Woodie, and Bill? :rolleyes: It wouldn’t surprise me if they had the entire history of every team memorized and could make accurate predictions about each and every regional.

Psst, look here
[spoiler][SPOILER=Keep going][SPOILER=Down into the rabbit hole][SPOILER=And through the looking glass][SPOILER=You will find the answer][SPOILER=to the question of utmost importance][SPOILER=that can settle everything][SPOILER=once and for all][SPOILER=but the only problem is][SPOILER=how far will it keep going?][SPOILER=…you begin to wonder][SPOILER=does it end?][SPOILER=where does the answer lie?][SPOILER=do I even want to know the answer?][SPOILER=of course! but…][SPOILER=then it won’t be the same,][SPOILER=it never is once you see the man behind the curtain]Perhaps, there are some things in life best left as mysteries.[/spoiler]

Nerd. :stuck_out_tongue:

I can’t believe I just went all the way through that one… I’m simply impressed by the knowledge Looking Forward possesses about all of the teams. I mean, I did a fair amount of research for Oklahoma and posted it to the Oklahoma thread, but it’s nothing on par with what LF does at all. (S)He knows FIRST Robotics.

They know FIRST robotics, that is the only way it can work.

I have a pretty good guess who Looking Forward is, or one of the people behind it. The tone seems quite similar to predictions made prior to Looking Forward’s well-written ones. (Finding them is left as an exercise to the reader.)

However, I’m reasonably certain that Car Nack is not Looking Forward. Car Nack is a single person; Son of Car Nack is an entirely different person. Finding the identities of said persons is also left as an exercise for the reader.

BTW: I highly suspect that two of the three aforementioned persons have started threads in Car Nack’s Corner. This bit of information may seem entirely useless… but then again, it may not actually be entirely useless.

Car Nack is a single person.

I’ll tell him hello for you today.

Are we sure that Car Nack is a person? All those Championship gold medals he’s earned can’t possibly fit around a mere mortal’s neck.

Looking Forward is not a person. It is a force of nature.**

CarNack taught The Amazing Kreskin everything he knows.


** and any rumors to the effect that Looking Forward is really one of the former members of Menudo is completely false. Or at least it should be.

Here’s a link to the original thread. Quite a few good jokes in that one, and a blast from the past. A lot of people in that thread (including some of the speculated identities) that aren’t active on CD anymore.

Well that crosses the following off of the list:
Nefty Sallaberry
Carlos Meléndez
Fernando Sallaberry
Óscar Meléndez
René Farrait
Xavier Serbiá
Miguel Cancel
Johnny Lozada
Ricky Meléndez
Ray Reyes
Roy Rosselló
Charlie Massó
Robi Rosa
Ricky Martin
Raymond Acevedo
Sergio Blass
Ralphy Rodríguez
Angelo García
César Abreu
Rubén Gómez
Robert Avellanet
Rawy Torres
Edward Aguilera
Jonathan Montenegro
Adrián Olivares
Ashley Ruiz
Andy Blázquez
Alexis Grullón
Abel Talamántez
Ricky López
Anthony Galindo
Didier Hernández
Daniel René Weider

I remember reading this thread, but see this:

So I think that the old Looking Forward (be it a person or group of people) has indeed passed the torch to a new person or group. The writing style of the new LF is a whole lot different from the old Looking Forward posts. Back in 2008, LF even did a “Look Back” every week, which was really cool.

Someone posts in the chat for Mike and Justin’s FRCTop25 webshow as “Looking Forward”, which I think is kind of strange. I am convinced he is the real Looking Forward and not an impostor because he announces when the LF predictions have been posted and asked the mods to change the title of one of his threads. Unlike all the Karthik impersonators that show up, he is never kicked out of the chat. What I think is strange is why this person decides to chat as “Looking Forward” instead of a person from a team.

And it looks like a lot of people around here know who LF is, and are not telling! :ahh:

Edit. After a little searching I know who Car Nack is and have a pretty good idea about who Looking Forward was in 2008.

John Galt

There is one instance on CD where, in a regular thread, a post was deleted by Looking Forward and then followed by a regular user. The regular user was probably logged into the wrong account at the time.

You can’t find this thread using the Search function, as you can’t search for threads with posts deleted by users… so good luck finding it.

(I have no idea why I remember useless crap like this…)

Hah! I knew it.


He’s not really a person. More of a puppet.

Coincidentally, my wife & I watched the movie last night. Check out “Atlas Shrugged”, either the book or the movie. The former is over 1K pages; the latter takes less time. :slight_smile:

Edit: Taylor was asking about John Gault

There, fixed it for you. :wink:

Interesting. The book makes no mention to Galt’s Gulch having internet access. This means he’s in New York. Let’s organize a search. :slight_smile:

If you can make a wireless motor, connecting to the internet wirelessly is a piece of cake. I can do that with my phone…