Who are the Favorites at the Manchester Regional?

Who do you believe are the favorites of the Manchester Regional? Many robots have pictures of the web up. Voice your opinions of who you believe are favorites and why!

Based on the UTC Scrimage Video,
I think the Techno-Ticks (236) will seed in the top 4.

the ticks looked good, gompei, CHAOS always make a competative robot (and they have home feild advantage) aztechs

I think a BAE team will take it,

151 Made Huge strides last year.
166 Is in their second year of Sponsership
131 Is always Competitive
138 Has always been the quite great NH team
501 Is also always good

Friendly Neighborhood Strategy Head
229 Division By Zero/Clarkson University

238 is gonna suprise y’all this year

So many good teams going to this regional. It would be a big gamble to name certain teams that you think will prevail. So many people in these forums talk the talk but don’t walk the walk. Ever hear the term " any given sunday" well we aren’t playing football, but I think it pertains to what we are all doing here. Good luck to all teams this year.

I agree with jestin, there are many many top-notch teams attending Machester and to try to even single any of them out as favorites is impossible for me.

And in regards to not playing football… You’re right this year, but next year with the “Design a game” who knows maybe we may get to play football.

Ahem, 121

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**Ahem, 121 **


i think the point of this thread was to point out other teams that you thought would do well. We all know about 121, and the more you keep pushing your team, the more some people begin to dislike them. Just let your robot do the talking, it looks like you guys will be fairly competitive this year.



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**Ahem, 121 **

Other than yourself, who do you think will do well Ricksta?

Cuz… that is what this thread is about… shameless self promotion is in the “Robot Showcase”

I know you’re a scout… so who have you seen (besides yourself) that impresses you?

I have to say too that there are a lot of teams with very good reps. going.

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I know you’re a scout… so who have you seen (besides yourself) that impresses you? **

i really want to see 151, 131, 95, 88. i mean really.

from utc video looked as though 190 was havin a lil trouble. but i love strafing robots. they will compete well.

229 is lookin good too. modular is the way to go this year. being versitale allows all sorts of strategy.

just saw the 141 pics, lookin good too.

in terms of impressing, i cant say anything yet. I havent seen these bots work yet. beleive me i want to be impressed.


sorry for shameless plug, i just have confidence in our bot this year.

Where could I get a utc video?

Its on Rage’s site

Well, this regional is gonna be a nasty one, thats for sure. I have already dubbed it THE Regional to be at this year. As for my favorites, based on what I have seen so far, and what I know of teams, here goes…

Based on Robots I have Seen…

236: The Technoticks look absolutely nasty this year. They have breakneck speed, and were probably the only team at UTC who I saw that could stack fast enough to be effective.

176: Aces High will do well with their drive system alone! Not to mention the always useful in many different ways, articulating arm. Aces was a powerhouse on top of the ramp, with the only team able to budge them at all (and I don’t think they really even got them off the top) being RAGE.

190: I think Gompei will be a very good contender at this regional. I like the drive system they have, and the strategies I have seen them use.

Based on Robots I have not seen…

42: Yes I realize this is my old team, but I also realize that if PARTS puts any semblance of the robot they had out on the field last year they are going to do extremely well. They could have taken that robot, shipped it on day one, and probably would do well!

88: I put TJ on the list for one reason…River Rage. How they defeated 121 in the finals is alot of what I am expecting out of this competition this year. If they have a strong drive, which i know they will, they will be a contender.

319: I have no basis for making this pick other than the fact that I really want to see these guys do well! I doubt many people remember Alton’s rookie “Flying Pig” back in 1996, but ever since that robot, I have been a big fan of these guys!

Of course…anyone can take the competition this year, its nearly impossible to predict the outcome. And also I think there are a few teams in there who will suprise many, including myself. Either way, it will be a great competition.

Cya On Thursday!
-Andy Grady

*Originally posted by Ricksta121 *
from utc video looked as though 190 was havin a lil trouble. but i love strafing robots. they will compete well.

I’ve been having trouble pinning down exactly who will do well based on UTC, since teams have had an additional 5 days to fix problems since then. If any of the teams at UTC took equal advantage of the extra 5 days, there may be many surprises at Manchester.

Yo dog, I just gotta give my props to my home boys to the WESTSIDE!!! 236 TechnoTICKS! Your robot looks blinging and made for speed! NE way that is the 4-0-1 from my crib!:cool:

For me The (people) are what matter to me the most .

and Doing this for 8 years now i’ve made some great frineds over the years . And a few have given me some great advice …

So i when say that when i like team 88 or 190 … its the people that i’m looking forward to see. ( A robot is just a reson for us to get reaquainted)

Any one else feel the same way?

see you all soon… D@VE

After watching team 121 at Quincy I think they have a great chance if they don’t try to stack. They have a powerful robot

If they put on the stacker they will have a hard time doing well.

I like team 176 they have a drive train that is very strong.

The team I see not doing well is team 190 They might have a nice drive train but is very hard to drive. They tried this before and did not do that well. If they go to a lot of regionals then I would say watch out for them but for the first regional they will have a lot of problems.

Beware of team 157 they beat you with their drivers. They win because of how well their drivers drive.

Then you have Buzz team 175. I have not seen their robot but you know they will be there because of who they are. If they are not in the top 8 they will be picked by someone.

I like NH regional because it brings FIRST back to their roots. Plus there is a lot of history up there.

Good luck to everybody up there and we will have a chance to see what works and what does’t

121 and 69 together again!