Who are your sponsors?

Since 1022 lost our sponsors this year, I’m putting together a packet to give companies to try to get them to sponsor us for next year.

One of the pages of the packet was going to give examples of companies that sponsor teams. Perhaps if a company like a doctor’s office sees that other doctors offices sponsor teams, they’d be more likely to sponsor us.

I’m especially intersted in colleges, doctors offices, hospitals, etc. But please list any sponsors you have.

It’d help a lot.

Google, Inc. (One time grant)
InnovaIT, Inc. (Web Technologies)
Intuitive Surgical, Inc. (Surgery Robots)
Berger Manufacturing, Inc (Machine Shop)
The Law Office of Wei Qun E (Legal Firm)
Los Altos Community Foundation (Grant)
Los Altos Rotary Club (Grant)

Cyber Blue 234 has found great success in getting a few smaller sponsors to support our team. We’ve gotten quite a few smaller sponsorships but the money adds up in the number of those smaller sponsorships. Many of the smaller sponsorships are of doctors, dentists, carpet companies, and other similar non-chain local businesses. Here is our list of those type of sponsors.


Bausch & Lomb

Proud to be a,
team. :cool:

GO 1403!!!

The best way that I found sponsors is to talk to the kid’s parents. Some of them own their own businesses and pretty much all of them probably work somewhere. It’s tougher when you have to have a lot of them, but hey, it works.

Thank you, this is exactly what I was hoping to get.

And, we have small local sponsors.
But, unfortunately, that won’t help you out much >_<

I hope you find a new sponsor!
It would be a shame to lose a FIRST team!

the above is the major sponsor

along with:
-Johnson & Johnson
-Mahany Welding Supply
-Klein Steel
-BIC Technology
-Monsees Tool
-Laird Plastics

here describes what all of the sponsors do to our team

NASA (Rookie team in AZ)
Sulpher Springs Valley Electric Co-op (local power co)
Westtech International (contractor on military base here)
US Army IEWTD (local military outfit)
Weathergard construction (local business)
Snap-on (local dealer)
Heart Felt Help (local business)
Arizona tax credit donors

There might be a few I am missing, but this is most of them.

As a member of team 379 the Robocats, I know what its like to not have a major sponsor. In 2003, the Robocats lost GM as a corporate sponsor and since then, we have built up a huge “fundraising machine.” We alone raise about $30,000 and then get grant money and donations from just about everywhere. Martha Holden Jennings Foundation helped us out in a great way until we were able to get back on our feet, and they still help us now. Don’t get me wrong, we are still looking for a sponsor, but we are able to live without one. It IS possible to live without a corporate sponsor, and still do great things. All the fundraising brings the team closer together, and spreads the word of FIRST in the process!

If anyone needs help with fundrasing, visit our website at www.girardrobotics.com and find the media section where there is a hand-out explaining a well tested fundraising monster!

Current Sponsors:
Visteon Corporation
ITT Tech
Plymouth - Canton Community Schools
Weldcraft Wheels
Plymouth Rotary Club
Johnson Controls
Domino’s Pizza
Plymouth Rubber & Transmission

Former Sponsors:
CTS - Creative Technology Services
Alcan Aluminum
RS Electronics

me too

Something important to add in your packet is why they should want to sponsor a team. Include information about everything FIRST is - more than
just a robot - teamwork, speaking skills, website development, community service, and so on. Remember, they probably have many, many people
come in and ask for money - you need to convince them why FIRST is
the best place for them to spend it. Try to think about it like a business would and highlight those points.

Try this link to a sponsorship package for some ideas -


A while back we had Boeing as a sponsor.

Here are our current sponsors:

Jet Propulsion Laboratory (engineer support)
Tru Cut (machine shop)
The Kauffman Family (major financial contribution, mentor, expert in lasercutting and sheetmetal fabrication)
Arrow Metal Stamping
Gordon Woods Welding Supply
Hardcore Racing (they make really awesome RC car parts and did lasercutting and machining for us)
Glendale Community College (sponsor since 2002, welding and machining)
Clark Magnet High School (main financial contributor and provider of workspace)

Our main sponsor Johnson and Johnson Consumer and Personal Products

our current other sponsors are
Summit Associates
Don Wells & Rancocas Valley Toolmakers
MKM Engineering
Jtec Systems Inc.
Advanced Micro Systems
Raritan Valley Disposal Service
Blanche & Irving Laurie Foundation
Zansitis Painting
State Tool & Gear

with some other minor sponsor

Large Sponsors:
Lockeed Martian Space Opps (5 years and growing stronger)
United Space Alliance (3 years)
ASRC Aerospace (1st year)

Small Sponsors:
Ace Hardware
Olsen Indurstrail Sales
Merritt Island High School
a handfull of doctoral supply companies

Past sponsors:
JE (Jacobs Sverdrup)
Lynda Bradley saved our team in 2004!!! Seeing a come back in the 2007 year!

Ivy Tech Community College

Along with the school and career center ofcourse.

We have a large variety of sponsors; mainly General Motors but here are a few others:

Fast Eddie Racewear (Uniforms)
Local dentist
local doctor
CAW Local 222 (Union representing GM employees)

A lot of our sponsors were obtained through networking. Talk to the parents of students and give the students your packages to give to their parents. That is how we obtained many small but helpful sponsors!