who besides us pulled an all-nighter???

we were up all night completing autonomous mode and practicing…

i was also up making minor touches to the website (GWestRobotics.Com by the way)… no sleep.

i need some coffee…

cant believe shipping day is here already!!!


24 hours awake/working and still chugging.

You’re not the only one. =) Our team has just been up the entire night working on just programming the arm and making sure that everything works correctly. As of 10AM this morning we are still 80% complete with programming and absolutely no autonomous.

Dont worry though, we’ll pull through.

668 is still working on programming at 7:12 am.

we where fixing our pneumatics system most of the night after we smoked one of our bane bots motors.

we were up till midnight, and then got kicked out of the school by the janitors… You guys are allowed to stay in your school through the night?

something like that…

we didnt really pull an all nighter per say, but the last 2 nights we were here till 1 am and it is 2:30 now, FedEx is comming at 4 and were still working on the programing. It looks like we will have no auton unless we get to competition and do it :ahh: . Either way its been a great season and ive had a lot of fun.

I’ve been at school for 30 hours and counting, no sleep so far.

Wake ups ftw

Sadly, the latest we got to stay this year was 8:00 pm, but at least we got everything except autonomous done…

us too…for the past few nights.
I can’t believe ship date is here! gah!
Some of our mentors run for 48 hours straight…idk how they do it

We have been at our high school 4 days stright, from friday till today. The kids and mentors try to grab whatever sleep they can, from crawling under a table, to sleeping on the countertops, to just crashing on the floors.

Any updated pictures…? or do we have to wait until LA.

Team 343 did not exactly pull any all nighters, but two successive 15 hour days certainly did make it seem that way. Thank goodness our machine is now on its way to VCU. All we have to do now is clean-up the lab which just about amounts to building another robot. We certainly have our work cut out for us.
Good luck to everyone this year.:slight_smile:

Patience is a virtue.

yeah, we pulled an all nighter last night because of programming the autonamous. our mentor made me and a few other guys leave early because we had to attend a presentation at 7:30 the next morning, so we were there from 8:00 am til around 11:30 and the programmers and mentors were there until like 1:30am

Thankfully, we didn’t have to pull an all-nighter this year.
Last year, though, a bunch of us worked on the robot for 32 hours, with a one-hour nap in the middle. We did get kicked out of school at about 10 pm, and went to our team leader’s house to work on the robot (his parents weren’t the happiest people), then came back in the morning.

i’ve been up 32 hours no sleep. At about Mid Night we got kicked out of our school but we loaded everything we could even about 1/8 of our rack and took it to our Web Guys house. All Operational Programs done Autonoumus is about 25%. We Made a Video we call it 24 hours of madness will post when done editing.


All-nighter? Try All-weeker…

I’ve been here for 9 days, grabbing sleep whenever I can (turns out to be about 2-5 hours/day… I’m a pr0gger, so I have to work around everyone else… Night is best for me!

I have a little cave in one of the conference rooms. A lot of my time is spent in there with the laptop and a Monster.


We’ve been going since Thursday night. We just shipped our robot and we’re trying to figure out what to do with all this time.