Who can drive?

What is the rule on who can drive the robot? I heard that only students can drive. Where is this in the rules? Of course it makes sense that the mentors/engineers can’t drive the robot, however, this year our team has a shortage of students and there isn’t anyone with committment enough to drive. I am a returning teammate from last year. I am **not **in the highschool anymore, but I am a freshman in college and I help out the team with it’s programming. I was wondering if it is strictly illegal for me to be a driver on the team since I am no longer a student at the team’s highschool.

I believe it says “pre-college student” in the rules.

If you have a simply robot, you only need 2 kids (driver and human player). Or if it is more complex you only need 3.

Hmmm… maybe you could rely on your alliance for the HP and only need 1-2 depending on complexity.

Either way, you are ineligible to drive. I bet you could pass as a High Schooler, but that would be wrong. Are you sure you don’t have 3 kids to drive? Even if you don’t feel they earned it… someone has to do it, right?

Nope. From the Game section of the manual–“DRIVER: a pre-college student team member responsible for operating and controlling the
ROBOT. There are two DRIVERS per TEAM”