Who can make the last vBulletin post?

CD’s days on vBulletin are coming to an end, so here’s one last game before the transition.

You are only allowed to post once in this thread, if you post more than once your later posts don’t count for the purposes of the game. The winner is the person who has the very last post in this thread before the big transition. According to Brandon, the change will be happening tonight or tomorrow morning, so you don’t have much time.

Best of luck!

Pick me!!!

No, me!!!

Maybe me?


Winner gets permanent top rep spot in the update. Oh wait RIP rep

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No, me me me!!! :slight_smile:

We all know you just need to post gifs the most to get the 1 spot. Old CD is dead, long live CD.

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With a very unfair advantage, I win! :wink:


And similar unfair advantage … first on Discourse!