Who cheesecaked week #1

Three 3rd picks were cheesecaked at week #1 at PNW West Valley.
That was a Hugh difference.

i keep seeing that team were “cheesecaked” … what does it means?

It means that another team brought a mechanism to put on a lower-pick robot for additional capability. Examples include blockers, climbers, etc.

MMMMMMMMMh, Cheesecake! :stuck_out_tongue:

We looked into building another climber for this reason… haven’t gone through with it yet though. haha

118 cheesecaked at Hub City. They seemed to have multiple climbers ready for the competition.

4188 and 4941 served up some climber cheesecake to 6325 this weekend at Gainesville

4104 had a climber cheesecaked on, but it was removed at the end of eliminations. We plan on giving a climber to 4104 for central for them to keep.

We made an attempt during a timeout to use 195’s rope and velcro in an attempt to make our climb more reliable. So we sort of cheesecaked a rope? This did not end up working out unfortunately.

We cheesecakes team 6076 at west valley

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1257 was ready to cheesecake last weekend at Hatboro, but we ultimately decided to just put more velcro on our second pick’s climber since we were able to pick up a bot with a climb.

Watching events this week, I was surprised by how many high-seeded alliances had a second pick that could climb. Does anyone know how much of this was due to cheesecaking? I mostly watched Southwest Virginia and Northern Virginia, so I’d be curious to know if there were any cheesecakes there.

At CTWAT there I thought was no cheese-caking - until Chris’ post, but there were another 6 - 10 teams that could climb that were unpicked - reliability of their climb may have varied but at 2nd to last to pick there were still many options of climbers.

It wasn’t a full on Cheesecake, but our alliance made some modifications to 4908 to get them back up and running climbing wise. They had a solid climber during qualifications but were having trouble getting up during the elimination matches. During the semis we swapped them from a drum of hooks grabbing a rope to a velcro system and it worked extremely well. It only failed when their gearbox broke in the second semi final match and we took the gearbox off for Final match 1 so it could be repaired and ready to go in Finals 2.

5687 and 4908 were a dream to work with. Very focused, and solved a lot of small issues during the finals to keep their robots up and running.

Yeah, I remember your build captains talking to us about cheesecaking.

I was really excited about it too :I

Is your Cheesecake climber the same as your actual robot climber?

We almost cheesecaked, our alliance captain, but ran out of time. Eventhough we did not plan on a cheesecake, we had two climbers developed, and switched one out on Friday. The rookie team, The Ravens 6136, became the 7th alliance captain, with a bot that could not climb, could not shoot high, and could not hang and autonomous gear. Being rookies, they did not scout, and found themselves the 7th alliance captain. They picked the alliance based on the last qualification match, which we and Legends of Robotics 6193 played well.

Another thing about being a rookie they did not understand that you needed to meet as an alliance after selection and plan a strategy, so they went to lunch after alliance selections. We were all standing in there pit, wondering what to do…

When they returned, we decided that we could put our Friday climber on their bot. We started the upgrade, but did not complete. We took a time out before match 3, but did not get the chain cut in time to function. About 2 mins more we would have a 3 climbing alliance. We took the Number 2 alliance to 3 matches. We continued and finished the climber, and let them keep it, they will be a climbing bot at their next competition!

319 has a cheesecake designed and ready, but never had to use it at GSD since 238 was one of the best climbers at the event.

As far as I’m aware, all the robots that were selected didn’t get cheesecaked at Northern VA. I believe we almost had 24 that could climb.

548 cheesecaked a climber onto 1188 at MISOU. While 1188 had a climber, it did not prove itself trustworthy in our scouting data, leading the alliance to decide to cheesecake. The cheesecake worked perfectly - better than the one on our robot :frowning: