Who controls your website?

Who controls your website?

Do students have complete control or must they check with a mentor before posting news or making updates?

Major design issues, we turn to each other for input and then the students implement new stuff.

Simple updates, strictly student done except for spell checking.

I do. My teammates and mentors trust me to run the whole thing.

Our students control the website 100%. They do a really good job too. When they have questions they ask. We are using Cpanel, provided by www.elstonsystems.com so it gives them alot of tools like MyPHPAdmin to edit databases and makes it real easy.

One of the tech guys who works at our school does it for us. He actually helps out a LOT with team stuff, but he isn;t actually on the team persay… Weird. Check out the site. (Granted, it’s pretty brand-new still, but it still kicks butt in my book)…


I have complete control. A mentor might censor me after the fact, or suggest changes, but when it comes to posting stuff, there is no looking over the shoulder. Our site is student hosted, student designed, and student maintained through and through.


we have our student, jon as our webmaster if there is major changes w/ the design then it goes through our adult-- gary dillard-- but otherwise yeah students maintain our site and forums

Your team has the students build and update the entire webpage, not to say that they don’t help. If we have a prolem there is always someone there for guidance. We also have a system where our site is built in a Development folder, approved by a majority of select mentors, and then moved into the production area. So far it’s working great. :cool:

1293’s is student-built and largely student-run. Our coach might poke his head in to post an update.

I took over the role of webmaster last year after a few botched attempts at a website in the past. Last year, I had a mentor helping me with the cost and setting things up (server,domain, etc…). This year I have complete control over the website and have a few people helping write content. But primarly I designed the website and the only who can upload files.

Our website is entirely student designed, built and run, mostly by myself. Over the course of the next few months, I will be transferring control of the website to the next generation of webmasters to take over after I graduate.

Our site is student built. We have a very experienced linux guru as an admin. Although most of the developers have admin access. We have a very small dev. group (3-4 people) so its easy to maintain.

We have built a basic news-poster out of php on our beta site so all authorized people (officers, reps and board) can post news. We are yet to implement it.

NRG 948’s site is run be me (with the help of Mongoose). And since I’m also the Captain, I do most of the announcement and news posting. Students run the site completely, and mentors use it for information.

NRG’s site:

Ours is student run. Our coaches actually spend minimal time on it. Then there’s some behind the scenes brain that does most of the technical stuff (I’ve never even met the guy >_> … yes… this does worry me) and there’s people like me that moderate our … scarcely occupied forums.

100% Student Run. There is little adult interference except for the cost of the webserver and other commercial scripts we are interested in purchasing.

Through many past years, we had problems because only one or a very small group of students had the information on accessing the server and the password, etc. for working on the page.

We currently have one student working on the page. Hopefully, this year as it is her senior year, she will be able to involve other students. :]

The team 1006 (http://www.portperryrobotics.ca/) site is completely designed and built by students. For the past two years (since it was created) it was hosted by me as a student, but now that I’ve graduated I continue to host it as an alumni. The site runs on a modified version of openFIRST (http://www.openfirst.org/ – which itself is student built, and is a very student-centred project) and contributes back code and patches to the main repository periodically. The backend system that people don’t see is also student-written, including its hooks into the mail system that automatically create e-mail forwarding accounts in the form of firstname.lastname@portperryrobotics.ca and automatically creates division-based mailing lists, the cell-phone text messaging whenever FIRST posts rule updates, etc.

Up until this year, no mentors had passwords for administrative things on the website (excluding the posting of photos to the photo gallery, mentors, and students who took the pictures were largely responsible for uploading their own and given access to do so). Now the few mentors who have access don’t often use it, but have the ability to go in and check things out if required to help the students with something (eg tracking down a bug, and teaching them how to fix it, etc.). Some students who don’t have direct administrative access over the website have contributed minor patches to the openFIRST project which have been in turn incorporated into the site.

My team’s website is maintained by me and my dad, with suggestions by the rest of the team. I also use the open source project Gallery for use of the image gallery that will eventually be linked on there.

I suppose that’s what happens when you’re the only one on the team that knows HTML and how to set stuff up.

Our time has just gotten a new website that is completely controlled by a group of students. I am one of them please check it out.


Our website is completely student run. I am one of the webmasters.

http://www.team696.com :smiley: