Who did the "Safety Ninja" a few yers ago?

A few years ago a team created a great safety animation about a guy who’s safety goggles protected him from a Ninja attack.

It was very well done but didn’t win. I guess the judges though it was a little too bizarre.

Is there a place where we can see the safety animations that are submitted? I always thought that it would be nice to see what others had done, but that only the winning animation could be seen.

that was Michael Roushey on team 340 he was an amazing animator and is now going to rit for that sort of stuff

he was insanely good at it and very creative and he was a big fan of ninjas

maybe we can get it up on youtube

Yeah Mike likes the comic booky stuff but FIRST has no appreciation for imagination and just wants pretty straightforward stuff for that gives good solid information for their animations. Humor is practically a no no.

I think they’re more open to wild creative stuff for the Autodesk Visualization Award, but for the safety animation I understand why they don’t want to turn it into something silly.

I don’t know if there’s a place where the safety animations are posted. I suppose all we can do is search YouTube.

Just got it up on You tube tonight, enjoy.

Safety Glasses and You!

Thanks for the post, that was pretty hilarious. I really like the animation style, and of course Timmy is a must.

On my team we joked that safety classes protected you from all harm, even damage to the hands and feet. Bandsaw to the finger? Its okay, you were wearing safety glasses. :rolleyes:

thanks rees

yeah safety glass make me feel all safe it’s weird after a day at competition i feel so unsafe when i take them off i’m like there so much stuff that wants to poke my eyes